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Q: What is the difference in rules between WWE and NJPW?
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Does NJPW and AJPW have storylines and fake matches like WWE?


Why there are no rules on WWE?

Yes there is rules in the WWE

What is the difference between WWE raw and WWE smackdown?

Each brand has different pro wrestlers

What is the difference between WWE'12 and WWE'13?

wwe 13 is just like wwe 12 but u can do different things wwe 13 is basically a upgraded wwe 12

Did Brock Lesnar appear at the WWE in May of 2005?

Appear where? o yea he did have a meeting with WWE owner Vince McMahon. He was planning on signing a contract. Even football was a passion he said that he was born to wrestle. He was sure that he would soon regain his title but then.........he just said cancel the contract and all and he just left. yea he talked to vince but i read an article where it trlls that lesnar was alrdy considerating a move to NJPW, instead of signing with WWE so i guess the WWE talks were just a backup to lesnar if they didn't wan't him at NJPW

What is the difference between WWE svr 09 collectors edition and the normal WWE svr 09?

Nothing but the front cover!

What is the difference between WWE 2011 and WWE 2012?

There are many new features and some improvements to creating stuff and the road to wrestlemanias

Wwe wrestling rules?


The difference between a hard wrestling ring and a soft wrestling ring?

There is no difference the WWE uses a standard ring like TNA or ROH.

What channel is WWE extreme rules?


How do you play with WWE chips?

Read The rules.

What is the difference between spinning a replica WWE belt and toy one?

a toy one doesnt spin