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I have drivers with both shafts. I like the Graffaloy Prolite(3.5)shaft because my swing speed has slowed, at 52yrs old, and it is the most responsive shaft I have ever had. More swing speed helps you get the ball up higher and the Adila NV 65 has a high kick point which keeps the ball lower. If you swing at 95 mph or more I think you would really love the NV. I will say I can hit my Adila shaft low and straight. If you swing below 95 you might look at the new NVS. JB Interesting question as I'm undergoing the same experimentation. I've been hitting a Ping Driver (TSI) for several years with the Graffalloy Pro Lite Stiff shaft. Recently a weight inside the clubhead came loose. A Ping G210 degree with the Aldila 65 R-Flex shaft was too good to pass up. On the launch monitor, I found that I actually preferred the stock Ping shaft (1000) in a R -flex. But this club came with the Aldila and with the promise that my seller (local Golf retailer) would re-shaft back to the Ping if I didn't like the Aldila. My first two rounds have been inconclusive with the Aldila. I have smoked a number of drives yet have also been inconsistent in my flight pattern. Notoriously straight off the tee, I've faded and hooked the Aldila. This rarely happened with the Graffaloy Pro Lite.I'm 6'2" tall, about to turn 60,in good shape, and a 6 handicap, but the mind games seem to start around this age and one wonders if transitioning from Stiff to Regular is beneficial. My guess is that I will go back to a Stiff shaft for the near if not forseeable future and my shaft will be Graffolloy Pro Lite pulled from my old Ping. Jim Gulley

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Q: What is the difference in performance between the Prolite by Graffalloy vs the Aldila NV65?
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