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freshmen football is slower than JV football and JV football is slower than varsity football

the only differences between the levels (freshmen, JV, and varsity) is skill and speed

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Q: What is the difference in JV football reserve football and freshmen football?
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What does JV cheerleading mean?

Jv is composed of freshmen and sophmores.

What is the difference between jv and varsity cheer?

varsity cheer is mostly for junior and senior cheerleaders do to the fact that they have more experience in the sport whereas jv cheer is mostly for sophomores and freshmen due to the fact that they have less experience, but will ultimately make varsity as they gain more experience. there are cases where freshmen and sophomores go straight to varsity.

What are the levels that you play at in volleyball?

freshmen, JV (junior varsity), Varsity varsity is the highest

Is jv volleyball only for freshman?

No. Both sophomores and freshmen play on the junior varsity team.

Do you need to have any experience to play high school jv or freshman lacrosse?

It depends on the school, I came in as a freshmen and played jv and the next year I started varsity but my program is not the best

Usually when are high school volleyball practices for the freshmen JV and Varsity teams?

I would say probably week days

What size football does jv use?


Would I make jv or varsity football?

It All depends on how skillful of a football player you are

Can 11th graders play jv football in georgia?