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They are two completely different games.

AFL uses an oval-shaped field, Rugby uses a rectangular field.

Ball shapes are similar, but the Australian game has no offside and allows forward passing of the ball, which actually produces a very different game altogether - with some strategies more like Basketball, except that both feet and hands are used to pass the ball and gain territory.

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Where do you start? Both use a oval ball similar in size but the Aussie rules ball is thinner, closer to an American Football. Tackling is allowed in both codes but there are probably more restrictions on the Aussie rules players. Rugby - rectangular field, 15 players, 2x40 minutes halves, must stay onside, 2 vertical goal posts and a crossbar which ball must pass through and over to score. Aussie Rules - oval field, 18 players, 4x25 minute quarters, no offside, 4 vertical goal posts, no crossbars, ball passes through outer post for a point and between inner posts for a goal (worth 6 points). There will be more but that will get you going!

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AFL is the best sport in the world apart from Soccor. Go The TIGERS

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Q: What is the difference from rugby and Australian Football League?
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