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A cup is the hard protective cover you wear to protect against impact. A jockstrap can be used to hold the cup in place, or worn to support the genitals during sports.

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What is jockstrap?

A jockstrap is what holds the cup (plastic shell to protect your twig and berries) in place over your crotch.

Do you have to wear and jockstrap and have a cup inside of it?

you don't have to but you should

What kind of jockstrap for lacrosse?

Since there's a chance of getting hit in the groin, it would be best to get a jockstrap that has a hard cup as well.

Why do boys wear a jockstrap?

Boys can wear a jockstrap to hold a protective cup in place, which protects you from a direct hit in the genitals. Or, a boy can wear a jockstrap just for support, to keep everything from bouncing and moving while he runs or works out.

Where to buy a jockstrap without a cup holder?

dicks sporting goods has a lot of them , walmart

How do you where a jockstrap?

You wear it the same as your underwear against your bare skin with the cup pocket facing you you can also either wear it by itself or under a pair of underwear? As an athletic, I have worn a jockstrap while running, weightlifting, playing basketball and etc. but I am no expert. I never wear underwear over my jockstrap. The jock gives you much needed support. If you are playing a sport like baseball or (American) football, I would recommend wearing a cup to protect your "boys". If you are riding a bike, I would recommend wearing a jockstrap with a soft cup.

How do you put A Penis Cup on?

A "penis cup" is worn to protect the penis and the balls or for reasons of "chastity" in some religious beliefs. A "penis cup" is usually referred to as a "cup-protector" or as a "nut-cup". A cup should be worn inside a cup-jockstrap which is similar to a regular jockstrap but is a jockstrap made with a pouch to hold the cup. Some athletic briefs or shorts are made with a pouch to put a cup into. There are different sizes of cups, for youth, teenagers, and adult men. Also, different brands of cups are different in their shape and size. The "traditional" cup is triangular shaped and the "banana" cup is shaped to contour differently to the body. To put a cup on, you insert the cup into the cup-jockstrap or into the briefs or shorts which are made to hold a cup. Then you step into the jockstrap and pull it on, or pull the briefs or shorts on like you do when you put underwear on. The testicles fit into the lower part of the cup. With the triangular shaped cup, you can allow your penis to hang down or you can lift it up and lay it across the inside top part of the cup. With the banana shaped cup, your penis has to be allowed to hang down. To function properly, the cup must fit real tight against your body so that the impact of a blow will be transferred against your body and not against your penis or balls. Some briefs or athletic shorts which are made to hold a cup do not hold the cup tight against the body. To ensure a tight fit, you can wear compression shorts over the cup-jockstrap or over the briefs or shorts.

Do swimmers wear a jock cup?

Most swimmers just wear Speedo or Speedo-like swimming suits. Some swimmers wear a "swimmers jockstrap" too. A "swimmers jockstrap" has a narrow 1-inch waist-band, which is smaller than the standard 3-inch waist-band of a standard jockstrap. The narrower 1-inch waistband will not reveal the jockstrap as much and the jockstrap waist-band will stay under the swimming suit. However, male swimmers who want to show a bigger "package" may chose to wear a cup-jockstrap under their swimming suit to enhance their masculine appearance. But they don't really need the protection of a cup when they are swimming. So it is all a mater of personal preference.

What sports do you wear a jockstrap?

You should wear a jockstrap with a cup for contact sports such as football, baseball, hockey, etc. But it's important to wear a jockstrap for support for anything involving running, jumping, or twisting - even without direct hits - track, basketball, soccer, etc.

What is a jock cup?

An athletic supporter with cup is sometimes called a cup jock or a jock cup. it is a jockstrap that has a pocket in front that a hard plastic cup sldes inside of to protect your penis and testicles from getting hit.

Do you need to wear a cup with the jockstrap?

Only if your doing contact sports like baseball, hockey or football

Do NFL players wear jockstraps?

Most NFL players wear a jockstrap, and some wear a cup

What type of jockstraps do mma fighters use?

fighters dont wear jockstraps they use , specialized underwear that protects the "boys" well and keeps errything in place

Why should you wear a jock strap?

To protect your male testicles from injury.A jockstrap will support your testicles and your penis so they do not move around a lot when you are playing sports or when you are working. A "cup-jockstrap" is worn by guys when they play sports or when they are doing construction work. The "cup" is made of hard plastic and is made to protect the testicles and the penis. (There are some cups which are made of hard metal.) The "cup" fits into a jockstrap that has a "pouch" made into it to hold the cup in place.Some guys like to wear a jockstrap or a cup-jockstrap because it feels real good on them, or because they think it makes them look better. There are many different kinds of jockstraps and cups (or brands of), and some guys like to wear jockstraps or cups all the time, even when they are not playing sports or working. There is nothing wrong with them wanting to do that, any more than guys who like to wear spandex briefs all the time.It is easier to run in a jock strap, because they don't stick to you when you sweat.There are two reasons you should wear a jockstrap. The first would be to hold a cup in place, to protect you from direct hits. The other reason to wear a jockstrap is to keep your genitals pulled tightly against your body, so they don't bounce or twist when you run, jump, or workout.You wear a jockstrap because it supports and protects the male genitals during sports or workout. The cup and supporter (Jockstrap) Protect the groin from any serious or minor injury to the groin during sports like football and baseball.Swimmer jockstraps are also needed by many swimmers

Should you be wearing a jockstrap for rugby?

It's a personal preference, but I definitely would wear a cup--so a jock is needed for that, if nothing else. Yes! I play rugby and always were a jockstrap and most of the time I wear a cup. It keeps our "junk" protected and in place.

Should you wear a cup in track?

A cup wouldn't be needed for track. A jockstrap would be a good idea though, as it keeps your genitals in place while you run.

Where can you buy a jockstrap in Dublin?

why do u need a jockstrap

Do you need a jockstrap for football?

You should wear a jockstrap and a cup for football. Unless you want your balls crushed. I've been hit in the balls playing football without a cup and it hurts like hell. You don't want a football crashing into your nuts, or a guy tackling you and having his knee somewhere it shouldn't be.

Who invented the jockstrap?

Charles Bennett invented the jockstrap in 1874.

Is it gay to wear a jockstrap?

No, it is not. A jockstrap is a protective device for the genitals.

Can you put a cup on without a jockstrap?

You need some sort of jockstrap or compression short or it will not protect you. A cup must fit tight against the body to work properly. A loose-fitting cup will only slam into the testicles when an impact occurs, which can then cause pain and injury. Even some athletic cup-shorts which are being sold do not hold the cup tight against the body. Just because athletic shorts have a pouch for a cup does not mean that the athletic shorts will hold the cup in place firmly. You can put a cup on without a jockstrap, but not a real good idea unless you wear something over the cup to hold it in place real good against your body. I suppose some guys might want to wear a cup to "enhance" their bulge. If they are not going to be playing sports or working, I suppose that would be okay for them if they just want to "enhance" their male appearance.

What is better underwear or jockstrap?

When it comes to working out, jockstraps are a lot more supportive than underwear, and can hold a cup in place.

How do you put a cup in a jockstrap?

Some jockstraps have a pouch with an opening at top; the cup is supposed to go into the pouch through that opening. You wear the cup with the narrow end pointing down. If your jockstrap doesn't have a pouch with an opening like that, but just has a simple pouch, wear the cup inside the pouch directly against your skin (again, narrow end down). If you have a lot of pubic hair, you might find that you prefer to trim a bit to prevent the cup from rubbing or pulling hair.

Your 14 what size jockstrap cup should you get?

Cup sizes are determined by waist, not package. I would consider a Youth Medium/Small and try it on. If it is uncomfortable, you can always size up.

How do you put on a enhancing jockstrap?

Put on a jockstrap how you would put on pants.