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Zone defense is when you set up each man to play a particular area of the field. Man to man is just that, playing man against man. Zone defense basically calls for each defender to not leave their area, even if a man they happened to be guarding at one moment leaves that area.

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Q: What is the difference between zone defense and man to man defense in football?
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Football term that starts with z?

· zone defense

Is there any words beginning with z to do with football?

· zone defense

Words that begging with z that have to do with football?

Zone defense is a football term. It begins with the letter Z.

What is the zone blitz in football?

The zone blitz in football is when the defense blitzes the offense in a zone formation instead of man to man. Also, every defender has their own zone to stay in and blitz.

The difference between a vegetation zone and a climate zone is that?

The difference between a vegetation zone and a climate zone is that?(a climate zone covers a broader swath of geographical space than a vegetation zone does)

What is the difference between a 'zone defence' and a 'player to player'?

A zone defense is when you are designated a spot on the court and you guard that spot and all the players that are in your area of the court. A man to man defense is when everyone guards only one player from the other team and you stay with that player no matter where they go.

What are some sports words that begin with the letter Z?

Zone defense is a sporting term in basketball, football and hockey.

Why is it called the red zone in football?

It is the imaginary area between the defense's 20-yard line and its goal line from which the offense is most likely to score points. It also is how well a team performs in the red zone can often determine the outcome of a game.

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What is zone defense?

A zone defense is a strategy used in a basketball game. Zone defense- a defensive strategy where everyone guards an area instead of a player.

Can defense score on a point after touchdown?

In college football, if there is a turnover on a PAT and the defense returns the football to the opposite end zone, they receive 2 points for a defensive conversion. In the NFL, the ball is dead when a defending player touches it on an extra point attempt. There is an extremely rare scenario in the college game where the defense can score 1 point. The offense's attempt must be turned over, the defense then runs most (but not all) the length of the field, the defense then fumbles, the offense recovers it (not yet in their own end zone), the offense then voluntarily runs into their own end zone trying to evade a tackle, and the defense then tackles the offense's player in their own end zone. This is called a conversion safety, and counts 1 point for the defense. It makes a score such as 6-1 a possible score in college football. This is so rare that it has never actually occurred.