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Volleyball is a sport played with a volleyball and two teams of six on either side. Tennis is where teams of one or two hit a tennis ball over a very small net. Volleyball nets are approximately seven feet tall and the point of volleyball is for the ball to hit the floor on the other side of the court. Tennis balls can bounce and the point of tennis in for the ball to bounce twice or bounce out of bounds without the opponent hitting it with their tennis racket.

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Half volleys are usually around the service line and don't have to be hit rising, it's like what you would do in mini tennis

rising shots can be hit from anywhere, mostly deep though and you hit them harder than half volleys with spin

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A volley is where the ball is kicked without bouncing, a half volley is where the ball has bounced and the ball is kicked on it's way up.

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Volleyballs are softer than a soccer ball.

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Q: What is the difference between volleyball and volley tennis?
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How do you say i play volleyball in french?

Je joue au volley-ball (I play volleyball) (French) Wanna know more? Just go to and click on the translator tab at the top. (the same thing as if yoy typed in

How do you say volleyball in French?


How do you do the volley in volleyball?

A volley in volleyball is the name of the thing you do when you hit the volleyball upwards in order to set your team mate up for a smash.

What is the difference between a forearm and volley pass in volleyball?

a forearm is when u try to get the volley ball up so the other team won't get it back on time to ur team and a volley is when u pass the volley ball law then the other team should do the dig which most of people forget all the time

How did the word volleyball become the name of volleyball?

Volleyball got that name because the term volley is the action of hitting or moving the ball over the net without letting it touch the ground it is the same way in tennis if you smack the ball back over without it touching the ground it is a volley so since in volleyball it is illegal for the ball to touch to ground it is a game of multiple volleys called VOLLEYBALL!

What are the differences between baseball and volleyball?

in volley ball you hit the ball with your hand not a bat

Why they named volleyball volleyball?

Volley is when you get down and it's also a ball

What is the collective noun of volley?

The noun "volley" is used as a collective noun for a volley of shots; a term used for gunfire or for tennis.

What are two serves in volleyball?

spike and volley

Who organized club volleyball?

saravana volley

How do you say volleyball player in french?

un joueur de volley, de volleyball

How do you say Beach Volleyball in french?

"Beach Volley"