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In tuck, your knees are bent. In pike, your knees should be straight.

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Q: What is the difference between the tuck and pike position?
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What are the different body position of gymnastic?

hollow arch pike tuck layout...theres like a million

What is one word for a backwards somersault?

(still two words) back tuck (in a tucked position) back pike (in a piked position) back layout (in a stretched position)

What is a front flip without using hands?

do you mean what is it called? front tuck (tucked position) front pike (piked position) front layout (stretched position)

What are the 74 gymnastic position?

i dont know all 74, but i do know some: tuck, pike, straddle, hollow, arch, lunge, uhh...

What are the eight basic shapes used in gymnastics?

pike, straddle, split, tuck, layout, hollow, arch, and open or closed hip position

In which olympic event would you do a pike or a tuck?


What is the difference between a standing tuck and a regular back tuck?

nothing really... i guess a standing tuck could be thought of as a standing front tuck or back tuck though.

What water sport may you hear pike and tuck?


What is the difference between tuck tape and duct tape?

Tuck tape is much stronger and has better adhesive.

In which water sport may hear the terms pike and tuck?


In which water sport may you hear the terms 'pike' and 'tuck'?


What is the difference between a back flip and a back tuck?

There really is no difference, a back tuck is just the correct/technical termTo tuck means to tuck in your legs when you go around instead of just curving your legs. There is a video at demonstrates how to do the back flip tuck. Watching that should help you see the difference.

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