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Lawn tennis game played on a grass surface but Badminton game played with light rackets

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Q: What is the difference between tennis and badminton?
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What is the difference between a badminton net and a tennis net?

A badminton net is higher

What is the difference between lawn tennis and badminton?

Lawn tennis game played on a grass surface but Badminton game played with light rackets

What is the difference between a tennis racket and a badminton racket?

Badminton rackets are much smaller the rackets are made to hit light objects like the shuttle cock. These rackets do not have as much broad frame as one of tennis. they are much cheaper.

What are the differences between badminton and tennis?

tennis has a yellow ball and badminton has a shuttle. the courts and rules r different, too. there r many other differences that i just cant think of. sorry :(

What sport uses a hacky sack Tennis or badminton?

Neither. Tennis uses a tennis ball and Badminton uses a birdy.

Which is harder badminton or tennis?

I think it is badminton but that is just my point of view because I am a tennis player.

Which of these sports can be traced to the game of poona originally played in India tennis badminton table tennis?


Is table tennis racquetball or badminton not an Olympic sport?

Table Tennis and Badminton are Olympic sports. Racquetball, however, is not.

What looks the same as badminton?

The Lawn Tennis is same as badminton.

Which of these sports has a higher net racquetball badminton or tennis?


What sport can badminton be compared to?

Badminton can be compared to the sport tennis.

Which game came first tennis or badminton?

Tennis came first in the middle 19th cetury long before badminton.

How do you score a point in badminton?

Badminton is very much like Tennis in that you score by simply having the birdie hit the ground on the other player's side of the field before he or she can hit it back. The main difference is that while Tennis is scored by 15 -> 30 -> 40 -> game, Badminton is most typically scored in incriments of 1.

Is badminton a weak game compared to tennis?

Of course NOT! Actually it is not good idea to compare different sports, but statistic says that badminton is faster and more intensive. Match duration: tennis about 3 hours, badminton 1 hour. Ball in play: tennis 20 minutes, badminton 40 minutes. Shots: tennis 1000, badminton 2000 Distance covered by athlete: tennis 2 miles, badminton 3.5 miles (note that badminton court 2.5 times smaller so badminton player runs reciprocally more intensive).

Should badminton player play tennis?

No. Even though Badminton and Tennis have similar components, they require completely different strengths and tactics.

What is badminton scoring?

badminton is scoring points like in tennis or like in cricket

What is a match point in badminton?

the point is that if you don't like Tennis you play badminton

Are there any variations of badminton?

Some similar sports to badminton are tennis and pickleball.

What three sports are related to Badminton?

Tennis, Table Tennis, and volleyball

Which sport pays the least?

Badminton, Tennis, Table tennis and swimming.

What sports have 5 or less people?

table tennis,badminton,tennis,

What is a game like badminton?


How many players are in the badminton team?

badminton is played like tennis,singles or doubles

How many players are there in a badminton?

Badminton is played like tennis...... either singles or doubles

Who is the mahesh bupati in badminton game?

Mahesh Bhupati plays Lawn tennis not badminton..