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Real Difference for example: In all United States High Schools; if football is played, tackle football is played by men, and flag football is played by girls or for fun. In tackle football, the ball carrier needs to be taken to the ground by a tackle. The knee needs to hit the ground, by getting hit to the ground. In touch football, or in the many variations such as one-touch and two-touch, you merely need to touch the ball carrier for him to be "down". In flag football, players wear flags, usually attached to the waist by Velcro. The tackler must pull off the ball carrier's flag thing for him to be "down."

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Q: What is the difference between tackle football touch football and flag football?
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What is the Differences between NRL and Touch Football?

NRL is tackle football, there are kicks in play (start of field) and there are converisons. Touch football requires you to touch a player, no kicks during plays and no converisons.

What is the other type of football game besides flag and tackle?

Touch Football

Is touch football and touch rugby the same thing?

No. Touch is touch rugby league is tackle google the rules :)

How do you play touch football?

the same way you play regular football but you don't tackle you just touch i play it all the time in school.

What are three differences between flang football and tackle football?

1) In flag football, padding and helmets are not used. 2) In tackle football in order to bring down a ball carrier you have to tackle him and his knee has to touch the ground. Where as in flag football only the flag has to be pulled off in order to bring the ball carrier to a stop. 3) Offensive and Defensive lineman are not usually used in flag football.

What it the difference between tackle football touch football and flag football?

the diffrance is that flag is for wimps and football is for men that dont mind to get hurt every now and then Haha,, flag foot-ball is for Strights,,, tackle foot-ball is just a bunch of guys running around in spandex and jumping on top of each other--- then saying there not gay,,, i got no prob;em with gay people,, just admit it!!!,, jksjks,, i jus see no point in football The real difference is that Touch football - is where the opposing team has to try and touch the players they are against with the ball (the team has five chances and once they have been touched 5 times they must give the ball to the other team) Flag football - is the same but instead of touching they have to grab the flag which is attached to the team with the ball they also have have 5 chances Tackle football - is the same but this time you must tackle the team with the ball to the ground (they also have 5 chances)

What year was the game of touch football developed?

There is no exact record of when touch football was developed, but the first official game was held in Australia in 1968. Touch football is a non-tackle way to enjoy playing football for both males and females.

What is the difference between tackle touch and flag football?

The difference is in what you're allowed to do to stop the offensive player. Tackle: full contact, whatever it takes to get the person off his/her feet. Touch: once you're touched, the play is over. Flag: players wear belts around their waist which have two velcro flags hanging off the sides. Once a flag is pulled off the player with the ball, the play is over.

Do young kids play football?

Yes, some 3rd graders play tackle football. Many younger kids also play touch and flag football.

What type of game is touch football an example of?

Well, even though this question has been placed under Australian football, yet it has nothing to do with Aussie Rules. Touch football is normally a 'softer'/non-tackle version of rugby.

What is the difference between tackle footballtouch football and flag football?

Well, the most obvious difference is the method through which a player is considered down. Tackle football allows for tackling, flag football requires the removal of a strip of cloth hanging from the belt, and touch requires one or two hands placed below the belt (or sometimes anywhere on the body). Any of these may require a fallen player to be down by contact, though this is rare.There are usually drastic rule differences, as well. Flag football and touch football may allow any number of players per side (rarely more than 11), and they often allow any offensive player to catch a pass. Tackle football usually has 11 players per side and interior offensive linemen are not eligible to receive the ball. There are often other rule differences, such as what constitutes a first down, what constitutes a legal offensive formation, motion before the snap, etc.

In To Kill a Mockingbird does Atticus like to play football with Jem?

Atticus only played touch football with Jem, never tackle, because he believed himself to be too old.

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