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a senior little league is for those with expirence and talent

The above answer is wrong. The difference between Senior Little League and Little League is age.

Little League is normally what is said when discussing the parent organization of all divisions of Little League Baseball International. The divisions of Little League Baseball are divided between Tee ball, Minors, Majors, Junior, Senior and Big Leagues. Little League International also offers Softball, and Challenger.

The age configurations for Little League is, depending on what the local leagues Board of Directors and the local bylaws state normally are, 5 -6 for tee ball, 7 through 11 in Minors, 9 -12 in Majors, 12 -14 in Juniors, 14 - 16 in Seniors, and 16 - 18 in Big League. The ages overlap to allow local leagues to have some flexibility in making their local league work the best.

Age is the only difference between those that play in Little League (Majors and younger divisions) and Senior League. How who play in which divisions, with the overlapping ages, is as varied as there are Chartered Little Leagues. Some leagues have strict rules saying ages determine which division players play in, and others have a system that allows for age and experience and ability to determine which division the players play in. There are some hard and fast rules that Little League International has, such as all 12 year olds must play in Majors, unless a waiver is granted allowing them to play in Minors. Also 8 year olds and younger are not allowed to play in Majors. But Little League International allows for flexibility to meet the needs of all players.

Little League International also offers Boys and Girls Softball, also with divisions determined by age and ability.

There is also a Challenger League offered for differently-abled players to participate in. Children in wheel chairs, on crutches, and with other challenges play baseball. Some of the players are assisted by other players, and some aren't. It is the most rewarding program that I have ever been involved with.

I am a 32 year volunteer with Little League program. I have had 2 sons, and 5 grandsons play Little League.

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Q: What is the difference between senior little league and little league?
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