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Regular Flex: the bat actually bends when swinging and when contact is made Stiff Flex: Acts like a 1-piece bat with some flex and has fancey handle ***I would recommend neither. when a bat bends it takes away the trampoline effect of the barrel. this reduces power. i hav had both kinds of bats and the flex bats arent that great. Look at an exogrid---it is in the same price range and is an amzing bat. lots of pop and big sweet spot.

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The flex of a shaft can be varied depending on the needs of the golfer. Stronger golfers tend to swing faster and therefore need a stiffer shaft to keep the club head from lagging too far behind. Seniors and ladies can benefit from a more flexible shaft that helps compensate for the slower swing speed. Shaft flex is important for woods and the longer irons, but has less effect on the shorter irons. Any good Golf pro can analyze your swing and tell you what degree of shaft flex you need. Good luck.

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Q: What is the difference between regular flex and stiff flex stealth baseball bats?
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