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Here in the North East they are the same. I just brought some paddle tennis clothing from

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Q: What is the difference between platform tennis and paddle tennis?
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What has the author Dick Squires written?

Dick Squires has written: 'The complete book of platform tennis' -- subject(s): Platform tennis 'Legacies of value II' 'One Moment at a Time' 'Community platform tennis' -- subject(s): Paddle tennis, Platform tennis 'Trapped between floors' -- subject(s): Biography 'Legacies of value III'

What has the author Bob Callaway written?

Bob Callaway has written: 'Platform tennis' -- subject(s): Paddle tennis

What is the difference between tennis and bat tennis?

Not much really, except the bats are different. The paddle bat is a smaller solid bat whereas the normal tennis racket has strings and is bigger.

Sports that begin with p?

· paddle tennis · paintball · paragliding · parallel bars gymnastics · pickelball · ping pong · platform tennis · polo · pommel horse gymnastics · powerboat racing

Where can one find information about how to play paddle tennis?

There are several places where someone could find information about how to play paddle tennis. Libraries and bookstores would have books about how to play paddle tennis.

Can Paddle tennis help your tennis game?

No its completely different

What sports are racquets used in?

The sports that use rackets are:BadmintonBall BadmintonFrontenisMatkotPelota MixtecaPickleballRacquetballRacquetsRacketlonRapid BallReal TennisSoft TennisSpeedballSpeedmintonSquashSquash TennisStickéTennisXarePlease do not confuse or insert sports that use a "paddle" . A racket is not a paddle. Platform tennis is a paddle as is ping-pong.

What is the word when you play with a paddle tennis?

my nan

What sport starts with the letter p?

Play It Again Sports

What do you call the racket for table tennis?

A bat - or paddle.

What is the difference between court and arena for example tennis court and tennis arena?

The one difference is that an arena has a roof.

What game is played with a butterfly paddle?

Butterfly specializes in the manufacturing of table tennis equipment. A butterfly paddle is used for the game table tennis or what is commonly known as "ping pong".