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Nearly everything. Paintball guns are fired through the use of air or CO2. Also they shoot only paint. bb Guns shoot pellets, and look completely different then most paintball guns.

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Q: What is the difference between paintball guns and bb guns?
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Difference between air soft and BB guns?

The main difference is that Air Soft guns generally fire plastic rounds, while BB guns fire metal rounds. The other difference is that Air Soft are used in games similar to paintball, while BB guns are not.

Is a paintball gun like a bb gun or no?

They run on the same concepts, having a compressed gas propel them. But bb guns are generally more powerfull, slower shooting, "classic" looking rifles and pistols. Paintball guns are either military simulation or built specifically for the needs of paintball players, that look nothing like real guns or bb guns.

Can an ex-felon have a paintball gun in Nevada?

Yes, they can own a paintball gun. The law says no firearms, but BB guns, airsoft guns, and paintball guns use air or CO2 and are there for not restricted by the firearm laws and restricted.

What is the difference between airsoft and BB guns?

Plastic vs metal projectile

Do BB guns hurt more then paintball guns?

Yes they do, they fire metal balls at much higher speeds.

Are paintball guns allowed in grand cayman?

They are not. It is against the law to own them as well as BB guns. Nerf are fine

Is a paintball gun considered a firearm in Florida?

Paintball guns, BB guns, and airsoft are not considered a firearm and therefore not subject to firearm laws and restrictions (Felons are allowed to own all of these!)

What is stronger a bb gun or paintball gun?

depends but mostly paintball.----------------------------------------Paintball will always be stronger than a BB gun. However pellet guns come in much larger sizes that the .177 caliber BB, They also go up to 50 caliber and can bring down a deer.

What is the difference between an air gun and BB gun?

Actually a BB gun is an air gun. But an air gun also includes pellet guns and rifles. BB guns are the bottom end of the air gun family. Pellet guns are more accurate than BB guns and they usually cost more.

Are airsoft guns the same as bb guns?

No. Airsoft is a type of sport like paintball so airsoft guns you can shoot people. but please shoot responsibly.

How did bb guns get there name?

BB guns originally fired lead shot, in size BB (which is between B and BBB)

What are some games to play with bb guns ex. Mexican standoff?

Are you asking about BB guns or Airsoft guns. There is a difference. The LAST thing you want to do is shoot at someone else with a BB gun.

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