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there different sports

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Q: What is the difference between olympic arena and NHL arena?
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What is the size difference of nhl ice size and olyimpic ice size?

Olympic Ice Rinks are 15 feet wider than their NHL equivilents

What is the space difference behind the net on an olympic rink Vs NHL rink?

Some times the crease is bigger and there are more seats in Olympic rinks

Do all NHL rinks have zambonis?

yes all NHL arena's have zamboni's

What is the oldest NHL venue?

the mellon arena

Where are the oldest rinks in the NHL?

The oldest NHL arena in use today is Mellon Arena - home of the Pittsburgh Penguins. It opened in September of 1961.

What team has the largest arena in the NHL?

Montreal Canadiens has the largest hockey arena in NHL and the world which is Bell Centre (Centre Bell) which has a capacity of 21,273.

Oldest arena in order in the NHL?

The New York Islanders play in the oldest arena, the Phoenix Coyotes play in the newest. In the 2010-2011 NHL season, the Pittsburgh Penguins will have the newest arena.

Where is Mellon Arena located?

The Mellon Arena is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is used mostly as an arena for NHL and the Pittsburgh Penguins team. The arena has recently changed its name to the Civic Arena.

What is the oldest NHL arena?

so wrong ..the rangers have only played at Madison garden [From all other articles it says that the mellon formerly civic arena is the oldest arena that still serves as a nhl team arena .The team that plays there as now are the Pittsburgh penguins ]

What is the area of a hockey arena?

There are two different sized rinks in pro hockey. One are the NHL rinks which are 85' x 200' and the Olympic and International rinks which are 98'5" x 196'10"

How large is an NHL arena?

approx. seats 16000-22000 people

What NHL team has the most olympic players on it?

The San Jose Sharks sented 8 of its players to the 2010 Olympic games, the most for any NHL team.

How big is an NHL arena?

well usually around 17-20 thousand

What is the tallest nhl arena?

The Bell Centre with a capacity of 21 273 seats.

How many seats an NHL arena?

Depends on the city, but 15,000 seems to be the average.

Does an NHL puck weigh the same as an Olympic puck?


Do NHL Players usually stay at the hotel closest to the arena for away games?

what hotels do nhl players stay at in dallas texas

Why did the Canucks Join the NHL?

The Canucks joined the NHL in 1970 because there was a large fan base and the city of Vancouver had already built an arena for an NHL team (The Pacific Colosseum).

How big is an NHL net?

An NHL net, like any arena net, has a 72"x 48" opening. Arizona Sports Equipment

How did the Montreal Canadiens become a NHL hockey team?

they started when your mom was born in the arena

What is the smallest arena in the NHL?

Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New York

When were NHL players allowed to compete in the Olympic games?

1998 in Nagano

The Joe Louis Arena in Detroit is home to what professional sports team?

The Detroit Red Wings of the NHL currently play at Joe Louis Arena.

How big is the official NHL net?

An NHL net, like any arena net, has a 72"x 48" opening. Arizona Sports Equipment

Is there offside in Olympic hockey?

Yes, there is offsides in Olympic hockey. Olympic rules are basically the same as NHL rules, except for icing. Icing in Olympic hockey is automatically blown down as icing whereas in the NHL, the team that iced the puck must beat the other team to the puck for it not to be icing.