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Offsides is if the defensive player jumps across the line of scrimmage while the ball is snapped. False start is when an offensive lineman jumps or moves his hand after he gets set.

Offsides = Defense

False Start = Offense

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Q: What is the difference between offsides and false start?
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Moving across the line of scrimmage too early?

if your on offense it's false start, if your on the defense it's offsides

What is the penalty in the NFL for an illegal formation?

Common football penalties include false start, offsides, holding, pass interference and delay of the game.

Is it offsides if a player gets down in 3 point stance then gets up for play then gets back down?

Unless they cross the line of scrimmage, no. It may be considered a false start, however.

What is the difference between earliest start time and latest start time?

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What is the difference between encroachment and off sides in football?

Encroachment is when a defensive player crosses the line of scrimmage and touches an offensive player; play is blown dead, 5 yard penalty. The NFL has changed the rule to include crossing the line and causing an offensive player to move. Offsides is when a defensive player sets up or crosses over the line of scrimmage before the snap, and doesn't get back in time; the play is blown dead if unabated to the QB, otherwise it's play-on and a 5 yard penalty if the offense accepts. There is technically no such thing as "offsides" on the offense. A false start is when the offense jumps before the snap; 5 yard penalty.

How does a quarterback get a false start?

It might be in Wildcat format and might start with a false start.

What are all the penalties in football?

Holding, offsides, pass interference, encroachment, roughing the kicker, roughing the passer, face mask, clipping, tripping, personal foul, hands to the face, illegal contact, chop blocking, intentional grounding, false start, delay of game.

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