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When you are on offense your team is up to bat. Defense your team is pitching and trying to get 3 outs on the opposing team.

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Q: What is the difference between offense and defense in baseball?
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What is the difference with offense and defense in softball?

Offense is when the team is batting and is on defense when the team is fielding

Does baseball have 9 players on offense and defense?

baseball does not have offense and defense but the people that are playing field or bat

In flag football what's the difference between offense and defense?

The difference is that offense is when your team has the ball and defense is when you want to get the ball or tackle but in your case your going to rip the flag of the other person.

Difference between offense and defense in football?

offence has the ball and defence trys to stop them

What is the difference between offense and defense?

Offense usually Attack and score goals, Defense are constantly defending and saving goals and preventing any lethal Attacks from the opposition.

What is the difference between offense and defense in pro football?

Offense has one goal. To get as close to the endzone as possible. Defenses goal is to keep the offense as far away from the endzone as possible, while trying to get the ball

Are seahorses defense or offense?


What position is locateed between the offense and defense in soccer?

That would be the midfield.

What is the sentence for defense?

defense is as important as offence. defense is your first offense.

Are zebras defense or offense?


What Is a midfielder In Hockey?

It is the mid line of players in between the forwards and defense that help both on defense and offense.

What is the difference between offensive and defensive in basketball?

Offense is when your team has th ball and trying to score. Defense is when you are trying to prevent the other team from scoring.

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