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it is curved different ways

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Q: What is the difference between left and right handed ice hockey sticks?
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Can hockey be played with left handed sticks?

No. Left-handed sticks are by definition against the rules.

Can you turn a left handed one piece hockey stick into a right handed stick?

All hockey sticks are right handed.

What is the difference between junior and senior hockey sticks?

senior sticks are bigger and beefier than junior sticks

Are there left handed hockey sticks?

yes is this a serious question?

Is there any rule not allowing left handed hockey sticks?


What is the difference between the total one and the total one limited edition hockey sticks?

The main difference is that the total 1 limited edition hockey sticks are a limited edition!

Is there a difference between right- and left- handed field hockey sticks?

Yes. Right-handed sticks are by far the most common, and are the only ones permitted by rule. They have the flat side on the left side when the hook is facing away from the body, meaning they are used in a right-handed fashion. Left-handed sticks are virtually nonexistent (because they are illegal for use and so are not not worth the time to make or use), but can be found in some specialised places. They are the mirror image of right-handed sticks.

Can you play hockey left handed?

Yes, they make both types of sticks

What is the difference between a wood hockey stick and a graphite hockey stick?

Graphite sticks are much lighter and they can flex much more.

What is the difference between ice hockey and field hockey?

Ice hockey is played on ice, while field hockey is played on a grass surface, the rules in field hockey are kinder than ice hockey, and the sticks vary between versions.

What is the difference between 100 flex and 50 flex hockey sticks?

the stiffness of the stick when u flex it

What is the difference between L bow or m bow hockey sticks?

it means light or medium i think

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