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It is one and the same thing. Only in the United States it is spelt installment. In Canada as well as in other English speaking countries the spelling is only instalment.

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Q: What is the difference between instalment and installment?
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How is installment spelled?

installment or, better, if you're English instalment.

What is installment sales?

What are the main advantages and disadvantages of instalment sales?

What is the difference between installment credit and open ended credit?

the difference between installment credit and open ended credit is they are the same..

What is the difference among credit plans such as revolving charge 90 day and installment account and interest free credit plans?

Your mom is the instalment of something that i have no idea what it is.

How do you say 'installment' in Bulgarian?

INSTALMENTn вноска, свезка, частon the INSTALMENT plan на изплащане

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What is the difference between equal monthly instalment and equated monthly instalment?

how much interest will be paid for rs.1 lakh for 10 year perod at 10.5 pa as per emi scheme and as per monthly instalment scheme

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How do you correctly spell instalment?

The spelling of the word is "instalment" (British English) or "installment" (US English), meaning a timed portion, from the verb to install.*The British spelling follows the rule that a word ending in a double L drops the second L when adding endings that start with a consonant (so install plus -ment becomes instalment).

How do you spell instalment in the UK?


What is a sentence using the word instalment?

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What has the author Duncan McC Holthausen written?

Duncan McC Holthausen has written: 'The volume of consumer instalment credit, 1929-38' -- subject(s): Credit, Installment plan, Loans

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