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Freestyle Wrestling is the modern version of catch-as-catch-can, with a couple of changes to the rules. Professional catch-as-catch-can also included hooking (submissions, pain moves), which were not used during amateur tournaments.

Freestyle wrestling came to the Olympics under the name catch-as-catch-can, before it was changed to simpler "freestyle".

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Q: What is the difference between freestyle wrestling and catch as catch can?
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What is catch wrestling?

It comes from the phrase "catch as catch can". Basically that means it is freestyle, wrestle however you want to, in whichever style you can.

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What is the difference between wrestling and boxing?

boxing-In this you can only hit your opponent by punchs wrestling-in this you can do everything you want to do with your opponent apart from breaking his neck in a comment to the last answer, you can do everything to your opponent apart from breaking the neck in Pro Wrestling only. In Amateur wrestling, you can Take an opponent down as you see in Pro Wrestling, but theres no strikes from the boxing ancestry of pankration( ancient Greco MMA) and theres no weapons, no strikes, no submissions from catch wrestling, no professional ring, no microphones for rivalries and no same roster every week, and there are some seasonal tournament champs sort of like the professional style. see my answer to the "What is the difference between Wrestling and Cheerleading?" question

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How is catch wrestling different to normal wrestling?

In catch wrestling, you may do strangle hold moves, but in the US old rules they saw this as un-sports man like conduct from the normal style as well, but maybe seen in Shoot Professional wrestling in the USA and else where today, but not in Olympic wrestling which Catch wrestling is not an Olympic sport. In the Japan and Europe, they use these type moves of choking and strangle hold moves. Normal wrestling can be just grappling, but in catch wrestling it may consist of low kicks, throws, and sleeper holds and many other moves. What places did use Catch wrestling? UWF Bushido UFC (Also normal wrestling can be seen here) Hybrid wrestling

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The cast of Catch As Catch Can Wrestling - 1938 includes: Harry Anaconda as himself Earl McCready as Himself - Heavyweight Champion of the British Empire

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What is the french word for wrestling?

The French word for 'professional wrestling' is 'catch'. There is also the intransitive verb, 'lutter'.

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