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Q: What is the difference between football and baseball rules?
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Which has more rules- baseball or football?


What is a difference between German and Australian sport?

In both country's they have football, but in Australia, they have Australian rules football, and in Germany, they have Association football. That is an example.

What is the difference between japan and the us baseball?

There is no difference in the rules of the game in Japan and the U. S.

What are the similarities between flag football and tackle football?

Well, mostly all the rules are the same, the only difference in the rules are the ones that have to do with contact. Tha whole point is also the same

History and difference between baseball and softball?

history and difference of baseball and softball?-their equipment,-playing area,-terminologies,-skills in softball,-rules of the game softball and baseball?

What is the difference between arena football and semi professional football?

arena football is pro football but it is just 50 yards and has different rules. semi pro football is like a little league for the NFL.

What is the difference between football and cricket?

Cricket uses a bat (not a paddle, contrary to what you might have seen on American TV!) Asking what the difference is between Football and Cricket is like asking the difference between a lion and a hamster! Have a look on Wikipedia, they have an excellent explanation of the rules and gameplay of cricket.

What were the old rules for soccer?

the difference between ancient and modern rules for soccer/football are as follows: the new rules are stricter there is no physical violence allowed now there are regulations that must be followed

What are the differences between the rules in American football and soccer?

They are two different games........................I wouldn't say they had similarities. The difference is that one is football & the other is played in America..............

What are some sports that have evolved?

all of them- soccer-the ball and the rules football-rules gear and football baseball-gear bat ball and rules basketball-the ball gear and rules

What are the differences between the rules of softball and the rules baseball?

There are none.

What rules are different between baseball and softball?

I'm a girl speaking, and the difference of softball and baseball is that they both suck my THICK FAT DICK/SOFT DIRTYPUSSY

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