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Firm ground are better cleats than the soft ground ground b/c the cleat is tougher

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Q: What is the difference between firm ground boots and soft ground?
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What type of boots should a scrum half get in rugby if they can only get one pair and the ground often changes between firm and soft?

Standards rugby boots are fine for all terrain types its the studs that change from long to short for very firm ground

What is the difference between soft ground and firm ground football boots?

if you are talking about European football cleats then the typical defining differences are, soft ground cleats usually have four studs on the front and two on the back, and soft ground studs are generally longer that hard ground studs.

Can you use soft ground boots on firm ground?

Of course you can,but it's not recommended.Your feet gonna hurt,because the studs are longer and on the firm ground,they won't get inside the surface.Therefore you'll be feeling like in women's boots with 6 high heels.

What Football Boots Are Worn By C.Ronaldo in 2010?

Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly 2 Firm Ground Football Boots

Can you wear Adidas copa mundials on soft ground?

The Adidas Copa Mundial Mens Football Boots are the most popular ... Durable Firm Ground outsole for firm natural surfaces

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Can you wear firm ground football boots on artificial turf?

You can safely wear firm or hard ground boots on Artifical Grass playing surfaces, as I have done for many years. However, alot of people call all artificial grounds astro turf which is misguided. The carpet type surface is not good for studded boots, and you should only wear astroturf boots (the kind with many tiny rubber studs) on these grounds. If the ground is artificial but with blades of artificial 'grass' you can wear these boots no problem, n fact, you SHOULD wear those boots. Have a good game.

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What types of rugby boots should a scrum half get if the ground often varies between firm and soft?

Standard boots with all heel studs in the sole. These will be multi purpose < you're so funny -_-. I would say Adidas Predators or AdiZero! :D

Are the heel of real ugg boots meant to be firm or squishy?


I am a scrum half I can only afford one pair of boots and the weather changes a lot here so the ground can be either firm or soft What types of boots should I get?

Your best bet would be to purchase boots with interchangeable (quickchange) cleats.

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