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There is no difference between the cue ball and billiard ball except that the cue ball is white and without significant markings.

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Q: What is the difference between cue balls and billards balls?
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What substance is put on the end of the cue when playing billards?


On the game of billards do you lose if you hit the cue ball in on the break?

No, you don't.

When playing billards when sinking the 8 ball and the cue ball is this a win or loss?

A loss

What is the difference between pool cue and pool stick?

There is no difference, but the proper name is a pool cue.

Are all cue balls the same?

No. In addition to slight difference between models and /manufacturers, there are generally 3 type of cue balls. The normal regulation play ball that is not intended for use on a coin operated table is most common and is what should be used to learn and practice cue ball control. Cue balls made for use in coin operated machines need a way to be released so they are not captured like the numbered balls - so, these cue balls are either larger (no longer common) or have a metallic center (slightly heavier than a standard cue ball).

How does English work in billards?

English or Sidespin is an advanced technique in billiards. Basically, the cue ball does not travel the same path that your cue stick is aiming.

What is a cue in pool?

The cue stick is used to strike the balls. The cue ball used by the players to hit the other balls is the white ball. It is the one they hit with the cue stick.

How does a pool table tell if it is the cue ball or the colored balls?

The Cue Ball is less weight than the Colored Balls.

What are the rules in Snooker What are the differences between billiards and snookers?

Hello, I would like to place my viewpoint. The main objective is to strike the white cue ball with a pool cue in the direction of other object balls. The rules are very straight as to whichever player scores more points in the frame wins the points. If your hit is a foul then the other player gets penalty points. The difference between snooker and billiards are below: Billiards is played with three balls i.e. white, red and yellow whereas snooker is played with 15 red balls, six colored balls and one white cue ball. This is the biggest difference between them and there are many differences in rules too.

What is the thing you hit the pool balls with?

The cue.

Does 15 pool balls include the cue ball?

No, in 8 ball and straight pool there are fifteen numbered balls plus the cue ball.

How many balls are there in pool?

In 8-ball pool, there are 14 object balls, the 8-ball and the cue ball, totalling 16 balls.In 9-ball pool, there are 9 object balls and the cue ball, totalling 10 balls.In Snooker, there are 21 object balls, and the cue ball, totalling 22 balls.

What is the diameter of a cue ball?

On average, the balls are 2.25 inches in diameter and all balls weigh 5.5 oz except for the cue, which weighs 6 oz.Viper1

In the game of pool what colour is the cue ball?

White ADD: Again a basic answer that is technically incorrect. The cue ball just needs to be identifiable from the other balls. The cue ball is the ball that you strike with your cue stick. In many games the cue ball will change during the game. Also, with the advent of "larger" cue balls in coin operated tables at pubs, many players will use one of the like sized and weighted balls from the playing set rather than the white cue ball.

How many pool balls on a pool table?

Different numbers for different games. 8-Ball has 15 numbered balls and one cue ball. 9-Ball has 9 balls and one cue ball.

What is a cue in playing pool?

When playing pool, the cue is the white ball. It is the ball which is hit by the cue stick and used to knock the colored balls into their respective pockets.

What the different between pool cue and Billiard cue?

Considering the size difference in the balls used in Pool and Billiards, Pool cues usually are made out of maple wood and come fitted with 13mm tip while Billiard cues are usually made out of Ash wood and come fitted with 8.5mm tips.

How many balls do you need for a game of 8 ball?

There are 15 numbered balls, plus the cue ball.

Is it a scratch if the cue ball fails to hit another ball?

Scratch refers to potting the cue ball. But yes, it is a foul if the cue ball does not hit one of your object balls, hits one of your opponents object balls or hits the 8 ball.

What is difference between squash and billiards?

The main differences are that squash is a racket sport and played on a court. Billiards is a cue sport and played on a table. There is only one soft ball in squash and three hard balls in billiards.

How many balls are used in the Snooker?

Including the cue ball, 22. :)

What is inside of a cue ball?

There are two types of cue balls - those made for regular play on a conventional pool or billiards table and those made for use on a coin operated table. The center of the cue ball is of the same material as the surface unless it is a cue ball specifically intended for use on coin operated tables. The coin table cue balls today are either larger but of the same materials, or are magnetic. The majority of coin table cue balls today have a magnet inside that prevents it from being "trapped" the way the numbered balls are when they are pocketed, so that it returns to the player.

Is a cue ball bigger then other pool balls?

Sometimes. In coin operated pool tables the cue ball must be "different" in order for it to be returned to play and not captured as the numbered balls are. The original method for this was making a slightly larger cue ball. Today, most coin operated tables use a cue ball with a metal center that is the same size as all other balls on the table. The magnet is used to return the cue ball to the player.

Is the cue ball bigger than the other balls?

Yes, in some bars, it is bigger than the other balls.

What is put on the end of cue when playing billiards?

A pad, known as a cue tip, is glued to the narrow end (tip) of the cue. A small block of cue chalk is rubbed on the pad to prevent the cue tip sliding off the billiard/snooker/pool balls.