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A lot of things like the games there are more games and the clothing (the wore nude)


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Q: What is the difference between ancient Olympics and modern Olympics?
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What is the difference between the ancient and modern Olympics technology wise?


What is the approximate time period difference between end of ancient Olympics and start of modern Olympics?

1500 years

What is the difference between the ceremonies in the ancient and modern Olympics?

Ancient Olympics were only hosted in Olympia

What is the differences between the ancient and modern Olympics?

The New Olympics Are Better

Differences in modern and ancient olympic high jump?

the diffrence between modern and ancient olympics is that it was not as safe and many were killed in ancient olympics

What has been the difference in the roles of women of the ancient Olympics and now the modern Olympics?

the scores

What is the same between the modern and ancient Olympics?


What is a similarity between the ancient and modern olympics?

they have the same name

How are ancient Olympics different to modern Olympics?

ones ancient ones modern

What is the difference between the first modern Olympics and the 2000 Olympics?

Because of the Olympics which is held now the olympic in 2002 was developed by the modern Olympics

What is the similarity and difference between modern and ancient olympic games?

The main similarity was that those Olympics were geld in Athens , every four years. And the difference is that in the old Olympics females were not allowed to take part. While in the modern Olympics there are events for both men and ladies.

What is difference between ancient and modern Olympics?

Modern Olympics allow females to compete, they are not nude, and every country is allowed to compete. There is most likely more info, but this is all I know :) Glad to help!

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