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one, they are two different brands...

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βˆ™ 2010-05-05 18:07:45
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Q: What is the difference between alien workshop and enjoi?
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What is the best skate deck company?

enjoi plan b alien workshop

What is the most famous skateboard company?

Probably Alien Workshop, Element, or Enjoi.

What are the Top 10 skateboard companies?

Girl Element Almost Plan B Zero Mystery Enjoi Alien workshop Baker.

What skateboard has a alien on it?


What is the difference between 50Hz and 60Hz?

10HZ. Enjoi!

What are the names of the best skatebards?

enjoi, planb, alien workshop, girl, almost. ccs and zumiez have a program where you can make a custom board for a good price

Best skateboard brands?

Alien workshop Baker Plan B Almost Blind Enjoi Girl Darkstar Toy Machine Mini logo Deathwish Zero Element

What is the best brand of a skate board?

From personnal experience alien workshop, enjoi (good pop), or element as they have different types of skateboard, for example mine is a thriftwood make and is srong but light.

What are the different skateboard decks?

theres loads such as element, planb, cliche, darkstar, enjoi, santa cruz, girl, fracture, mystery, blueprint, alien workshop, flip, real, almost, stereo and many many many more

What are the top 10 skateboarding brands?

1.alien workshop 2.flip 3.plan b 5.enjoi 6.girl 7.almost 8.dgk 9.zoo york 10.element

How are element skateboards better than enjoi skateboards?

Their not. Their about the same. Element and Enjoi are my top favs.

What the best skateboard?

boards that say blind,element, alien workshop,baker,and other names that are not like channel 1 tony hawk generally a real skateboard costs like $100-$300. Personally I think Tony Hawk boards suck... a lot. Boards like you said Blind, Element, Alien Workshop, Baker, Girl, Zero, Black Label, Enjoi, Darkstar, Mystery, Zoo York (kind of), and my personal favorite, PLAN B, which the best skateboarder in the world uses, Danny Way! Tony hawk is old and Danny Way is waaayyy past him already.

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