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Cards are shown when a player or substitute is guilty of misconduct.

A player or substitute is cautioned by the showing of a yellow card. It is an official warning to the player.

A player or substitute is sent off by the showing of a red card. This player must leave the field and the vicinity of the field. If it was a player, they may not be substituted for. Many leagues and tournaments also require that this player sit out the next match as well.

There are specific offenses that merit a caution or a send off. One of the send off offenses is when a player receives two cautions in the same match. Once any player or substitute receives their second caution in the same match a send off will then follow.

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Q: What is the difference between a yellow card and a red card?
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What is the difference between a red an yellow card in soccer?

A yellow card is a warning, and two yellow cards equal a red card, which is where the player is sent off. A player may receive a straight red card.

What is the difference between a red and yellow card in soccer?

A yellow card is just a caution, warning the player not to repeat the mistake he/she did to earn the yellow card. A red card sends the player off of the playing field. As a referee, we give yellow cards is someone makes a 100% misconduct, for example hitting, spitting, tripping, etc. If a player receives two yellow cards, then that results in an automatic red card. We also give a player a red card if that player is intentionally trying to injure a player. Or they are being completely dangerous to the players around him/her. And finally we give a player a red card for not fixing a problem after receiving a caution/yellow card.

How many yellow cards to get a red card?

two yellow cards = one red card one red card = out of game

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What happens if a second yellow card is issued?

the 2nd yellow card is a red card, there are no back-to-back yellow's.

Why is there a red and yellow card in the world cup?

yellow card is a caution or warning, red card a foul and penalty is ejection from the game. two yellows = a red.

What is red and yellow card?

A red card in football terms is an immediate sending of, a yellow is for a less viscous challenge and that if you get two of these you get a red.

Can you get red and yellow cards in netball?

No. You can get sent off which is equivalent to a red card, and you get warnings. But no you can't get a yellow or red card in Netball.

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When were red and yellow cards used?

A yellow card is used to warn a player, a red card sends a player off the pitch for the rest of the match. Two yellow cards equal a red card

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