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Q: What is the difference between a supporter rugby ball and a replica rugby ball?
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What is the difference between rugby and soccer?

= What is the difference between rugby and soccer? =

What is the difference between rugby and rugger?


Do Americans know the difference between Rugby league and Rugby Union?

In general those that follow union or league know the difference.

When you buy rugby tickets are you automatically seated with the team you support?

No. Rugby, unlike soccer encourages mixed supporter games. Rugby is one of the few sports where you will NOT see issues in the supporter stands . Rugby supporters are some of the best behaved across the world of sport and the game prides itself on supporters who enjoy the banter between the 2 sides many who then will socialise after that game.

Is there a difference between rugby boots and rugby League Boots?

No they all meet the requirements of both codes.

What is the difference between today's game of rugby and the game of rugby long ago What changes did the game go through?


What is the difference between Football and Rugby?

In rugby you carry a ball across the line whereas football you kick it into a goal.

What is the difference between Adidas and Gilbert rugby balls?

Gilbert just mainly specializes in rugby so not really anything

What is the difference between soccer boots and rugby league boots?

rugby boots have 8 studs soccer boots have 6

What is the difference between rugby union and rugby youth?

If they are both union code ... nothing. Youth rugby is played on the same basis as full international regulations

What is the Difference between national rugby league and rugby league?

no difference its just that the nrl is a different compitition played by Australian teams and one team from NEW ZEALAND

Difference between wallabies rugby team and kangaroos rugby team?

Both are Australian national sporting teams, but one is Rugby Union and one is Rugby League - two different games.

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