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A skateboard has four wheels that you can ride, and a surfboard is just a board that you ride on the water.

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Q: What is the difference between a skateboard and a surfboard?
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What do you call a skateboard that's designed for water?

a surfboard

What is the difference between a surfboard and a ski?

Surfboard has a sharp keel on its bottom while the ski bottom is smooth.

What is the difference between snowboard wax and surfboard wax?

There really is not much difference between snowboard wax and surfboard wax. Wax for surfboards are mainly used on top of a surfboard while snowboard wax is used on the bottom.

What is the difference between a foam and fiberglass surfboard?

The main difference between a foam and a fiberglass surfboard is in their strength. Fiberglass has many layers which give it increased durability without increasing weight significantly.

Can you skateboard in Grand Theft Auto?

no it is just a mod for the bmx so is the surfboard and others

Is there a difference between roller skate wax and skateboard wax?


What is the difference between hard soft skateboard wheels?

How they grip the ground.

What is the difference between a full size skateboard and a mini?

The answer to your question is in the questiong itself.

Why is a skateboard called a skateboard?

A skateboard takes its name from 'skate', in the sense of ,roller-skate(s)', or 'ice-skate(s)' plus 'board', in the sense of 'surfboard'. The term was first used in southern California, in 1963.

How did they make the skateboard?

Well when surfers didn't have good waves they would put wheels on there surfboard and would ride around on it.

What is the principle of a wave board?

The principle use of a wave board is for street surfing. The board is a sort of hybrid cross between a snowboard, a skateboard and a surfboard. It is very versatile and has a wide range of motion.

How can tell if with a fake skateboard and a real skateboard?

no such thing as a "fake" skateboard, the only difference is quality.

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