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Well an American foot ball is pointed at the ends whereas a Rugby ball is alot more rounded. Also an American football has a seam and a rugby ball doesn't.a rugby ball

AnswerA rugby ball is fatter and rounder than an American football, virtually egg-shaped. The ends are more rounded, to allow for a good bounce when players attempt drop goals. Most rugby balls are made of synthetic materials and have no laces. They're typically white and adorned with colorful designs and various logos.

An American football is narrower than a rugby ball and is noticeably pointed at each end. The American ball used to be fatter and rounder, like a rugby ball, but it became slimmer over the years to facilitate the forward pass. The ball is typically made of leather and is stitched together with laces, which the passer uses for extra grip when he throws.

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Q: What is the difference between a rugby ball and an American football?
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