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The easiest way to describe it is that the regular shaft is more flexible than the stiff one. The stiffer the shaft the quicker the swing speed needs to be to get the best from it. Also, stiffer shafts allow the ball to be hit farther, which is an exciting prospect for many amateurs but if someone with a slower swing hits a stiff shaft they will always hit low blocks instead of a nice high straight shot which they could with a regular.

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Q: What is the difference between a regulsr driver shaft than a stiff driver shaft?
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What is the different between a fairwood shaft and a driver shaft?

The main difference is length, and sometimes weight.

What is the difference between a ladies shaft and a seniors shaft on golf clubs?

There is not a lot of difference . . . only in the name.

Is there a difference between a wood golf club and a driver golf club?

The main differences are a fairway wood has a smaller head, more loft and a shorter shaft. Obviously the driver has a larger head to a maximum of 460cc, a loft of mainly 8.5 to 10.5 degrees, and a shaft which can be around 44-46 inches long.

What is the difference between a 350 Chevy crank shaft and a 400 crank shaft?

400 has a longer stroke

What is the difference between the American and Russian rockets?

Single shaft turbo ?

Most popular driver flex on PGA tour?

The most popular driver flex on the pga tour would be an X flex shaft . For high swing speeds. And a weighting of anywhere between 66 to 90 gram shaft roughly.

Difference between regular shaft and senior shaft?

A senior shaft is a lot softer, and usually a lot lighter. The senior shafts are for older players, with slower swing speeds.

What is the difference between a short neck and a long neck transmission?

short tail shaft or long tail shaft trans they are different lengths

What does the intermediate shaft do?

The intermediate shaft is the shaft going to the driver side wheel from the tranny. The shaft is suppose to eliminate what you call torque steer, It comes straight from the tranny and bolts to the engine block with a bearing race to hold the shaft and at that brace is where the half shaft, or drive shaft connects to the intermediate shaft and to the driver side hub.

What is distance difference between a graphite 7 iron and a steel shaft 7 iron?

I graphite shaft compared to a steel shaft on any club will give you more distance. For every club there will be roughly a five yard distance difference. You will hit the graphite further.

What is the Difference between a turbo hydra-matic 350 and 375?

The length of the output shaft

What is the difference between a taylormade reax 55 shaft and a reax 55 soft tip graphite shaft?

The Taylormade REAX 55 shaft is a made by Mitsubishi Rayon. The graphite shaft is more brittle and therefore more prone to damage. However, there should be no distinquishable difference in the playing characterics beween the two shafts.

What is the difference between the callaway uniflex shaft and the stiff flex shaft?

Uniflex is a firmish-R flex shaft (usually made by True Temper). Not as stiff as a stiff-flex steel shaft from True Temper. But stiffer than an R flex True Temper shaft.

Where is the speed sensor located on a 1991 dodge b250 van?

Driver side tail shaft of the transmission.Driver side tail shaft of the transmission.

Is there much difference between Senior flex vs a ladies flex shaft?

There is actually very little difference between senior and ladies flex shafts. You will find that the senior flex shaft is slightly heavier. They are both aimed at golfers with slower swing speeds, to help them get the ball the air easier.

What is the difference between a fixed and a floating bearing?

floating bearing allows axial movement of the shaft. fixed bearing does not allow for axial movement of the shaft

Is there a difference between a control arm shaft and a control arm link?

Yes. The shaft is referring to the control arm part itself and the link is the sway bar link.

What is the difference between Uniflex and flex in a golf club shaft?

A Uniflex is a flex between regular and stiff, a bit more on the stiff side.

What driver shaft does Tiger Woods have?

Apparently it is a Mitsubishi Diamana Whiteboard 83 gram shaft.

What is the difference between a slip yoke and flange yoke on rear of transfer case?

A slip yoke has a splined shaft the drive shaft slides over. This allows the drive shaft to flex on rough terrain. A flange yoke has a flat plate on the transfer case and the end of the drive shaft and they bolt together.

What is the Optimum lenght for shaft on driver?


Is there a difference between men's and women's lacrosse goalie sticks?

no but girls usually use a 30" mens shaft

What is the difference between a long shaft and short shaft in lacrosse?

The long shaft is used in men's lacrosse, the defenders use the long shaft so that they can have an easy reach to an on coming opposing player. they use the shaft to check the opponent and cause them to drop the ball. The short shaft is used in men's and women's lacrosse, the short shaft is used for all the other positions, much easier to control

Is there any difference between drive shaft in extend cab 1998 S-10 and regular cab 2 part shaft 4cyl 5 speed manual?

A standard cab has a one piece drive shaft.

What is the difference between axial alignment and radial alignment?

Hey, the difference is quite clear! Radial is the distance between the two shaft axis and is quantified by measuring the radial distance between the centerline of one shaft if it were to be extended to overlap the other, but Axial misalignment is the variation in axial distance between the shafts of the driving and driven machinery. Good luck honey...