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Let serve is where it hits net but still lands in play and you get to re-take the serve. A net serve is where it hits the net and doesn't go over all lands out of play.

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Q: What is the difference between a let serve and a net serve?
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What is the difference between a let and a net call in tennis?

Let is when the ball goes over the net and lands inside the box but hits the net going over, Let is only on a serve. Net is when the ball hits the net and fails to go get over the net.

What does get mean in tennis?

Do you mean "let"? If so, a let is when a serve touches/nicks the net AND lands in on a player's serve. People call "let" so the server knows their serve hit the net. If a server hits a let, they get to redo their serve.

Why do they say let in tennis?

Because a serve hits the net.

Is it net first service or let first service?

Let. A let is a service where the ball touches the net and lands in the legal area where the serve is supposed to land.

What is a let?

A let is when the server serves a ball and it hits the top of the net and still goes in the correct service box. The server gets to redo that service. For example if the person serves their second serve and it hits the net and still goes in it is a let, and they get to serve again on their second serve.

Is there a second serve in table tennis?

There are no 'faults' in tabletennis. If you miss the first serve, you lose the point. However, having said that, if you serve a "let" - where the ball plays truly on each side of the net, but touches the net in its travels across the net, you are permitted to retake your serve to make it a 'clean' serve that does not touch the net.

What is the difference between a let and a fault in badminton?

A let is when you get forced into giving them 3 points and a fault is when you smash it at the net, and technical fouls are also faults.

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Why is it called a let in tennis when the ball hits the net?

It is called a "let" in tennis when the ball hits the net because "Filet" is the French word for net and the game originated in France.

How do you solve problem when first serve hit the net?

it is a fault and they go on to second serve, on the same side. if a ball hits the top of the net and goes in, it is a let and if that was the first serve it is still first serve, same side, no score change. if the server double faults the other team gets the point, and if on the second serve someone serves a let, it is still second serve, not a fault

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