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There is not a lot of difference . . . only in the name.

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Q: What is the difference between a ladies shaft and a seniors shaft on golf clubs?
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How tall should juniors be when they start using ladies size golf clubs?

If you have used junior clubs, you should start using ladies clubs once they have grown out of them, as they will fill the gap between juniors and mens.

Are there senior clubs for traveling seniors?

There are plenty of clubs that traveling seniors can join. One place that a traveling senior can be a part of is at

Do bars have strippers?

Not necessarily. There is a difference between bars & strip clubs.

What is the business potential for ladies only fitness clubs?


What activities are there for seniors living in Brookdale?

Brookdale has it's own assisted living facilities for seniors. The facility provides all kinds of activities for seniors ranging from music to book clubs to prayer services.

Difference between mens golf clubs and junior clubs?

The difference between the men's golf clubs and junior golf clubs is the age bracket that the golf clubs are used by players. Junior golf clubs are used by young players typically aged from 7 to 16 years old while men's golf clubs are used by adult players from 18 years old and above. These golf clubs come in different sizes and material to fit players properly.

What do the letters on golf clubs mean?

Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden

Can a man use ladies golf clubs?

Ladies golf clubs are designed with lady golfers in mind. They are usually slightly shorter and have softer shaft, designed to help get the airborne. A man could use s set of ladies clubs, the would suit him better if he was not very tall and had a slow swing speed.

Where can i find a Ladies football clubs in north dublin?

Go to the Dublin Ladies football website, and hover your mouse over club results or club fixtures and you will see a list of clubs. If you click on the Information link you will get a map of the clubs. There are lots in north Dublin.

How many clubs will the Taylor Made Golf- Ladies San Marino Cart Bag hold?

The Taylor MAde Ladies' bag can carry twelve clubs, plus balls, tees and even a phone.

Are there any Toronto-area travel clubs for seniors?

there are a lot of travel clubs in a lot of different places. You can start learning about them from here

What is the difference between champions league and premier league?

The premiere league is played in England only between the clubs from england. But the Champion league is played between clubs from Europe to find out the best club in Europe for that year.

Are Adams golf clubs good quality?

Adams Golf clubs are very good, they are not a premier (top 5 brand) but they have a strong following and are very popular with seniors.

Whats the difference between men's and women's golf clubs?

Women's clubs are typically one inch shorter They often have softer shafts They often are a different color.

What is the real difference between right and left handed golf clubs?

The only difference in the right versus left handed clubs is which way the head of the club faces. Many golf specialists agree that you should always try right handed clubs first! Even if you are left handed, you may not need left handed clubs.

What are some unique scholarships for high school seniors?

There are many unique scholarships for high school seniors. Some examples include the Three Sentence essay weekly or the Tall Clubs international scholarship.

What was the difference between and Riding Club and Motorcycle Club?

Riding clubs are loosely formed clubs with no structure that just ride once and awhile. And a motorcycle club has a tight brotherhood and structure and has members who are more involved in their clubs on a daily basis.

What does RL flex mean on a golf shaft?

Different manufacturer's of golf clubs have different names for shafts of the same specs. RL is equivalent to; A flex, L Flex ( Light flex not Ladies) and the more commonly known seniors flex. These shafts are designed for a lower clubhead speed.

What is the difference between a baseball club and a baseball league?

The members of a baseball club are the players. The members of a baseball league are the clubs.

What is the difference between AKC and NKC?

They are two different kennel clubs. American Kennel Club and National Kennel Club.

What is the difference between club management and hotel management?

The main difference between club management and hotel management is that the guests feel as if they are the owners and thus frequently behave as if they are the owners. Another difference is that the most clubs do not offer sleeping accommodations.

King cobra are they good golf clubs a good set?

Cobra isn't one of the premium golf brands, but it is a very very good make. Their clubs are popular with high handicap golfers and seniors.

What is the latest Adams OS clubs for ladies left handed?

I dont know, im just lonely.

Are There any Golfing Accessories Made for Seniors?

There are a lot of great things for seniors that love to golf. You can get special grips on your clubs so that you can hold it better or you can wear special gloves that will help you to hold your hands in a better position.

What is the Difference between London Clubs and Paris club?

the London club is bigger club than a Paris club in all comparision