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They are just the same thing. When they first came out they were known as utility clubs, they just had bigger heads on a standard iron shaft. But the soon evolved into an iron/wood mix, with a head which had the loft of and iron and the design of a wood on a longer shaft.

There are also utility wedges, Ping makes these, they have nothing to do with hybrid clubs, it is essentially a gap wedge.

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They are just two different names for the same club. No difference.

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Q: What is the difference between a hybrid and a utility club?
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What is distance difference between an iron golf club and a hybrid club?

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What is the difference and general distance of a 3 20 degree hybrid golf club and a 4 23 degree hybrid golf club?


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The utility club, or rescue, or Hybrid is there to replace your long irons. That's why you see them marked as 3h - 4h or 5h that is to designate the iron it's replacing. The hybrid is the same length as your iron or just slightly longer. but it should be the same degree of loft. Hit it as you would your long irons, they are more forgiving, easier to hit, and better out of rough. Fairway woods have bigger heads and generally quite low lofts from 13 to about 23 or so. They also have longer shafts.

What is the difference between 5 woods and utility club?

It depends what utility club it is. If it is an 18 degree one, then not very much. You will find that most 5 woods are between 18 and 20 degrees of loft, with hybrids usually coming in lofts 18 to as much as 24 degrees. The heads of hybrids are a lot shorter than 5 woods, and they have quite a compact shape, where as the 5 wood has a large circular head. Hybrids/ utilities are a blend of irons and woods, that is how they achieve their shape. You will find that a hybrid/ utility is a lot easier to hit than a fairway wood because the shaft is slightly shorter, this gives you a better angle of attack and therefore more control.

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