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A freewheel will let the wheel roll forward w/o the pedals moving, but will pull on the pedals when the wheel is rolled backwards. A freecoaster hub can be rolled backwards w/o pulling on the pedals.

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Q: What is the difference between a freecoasterhub and a freewheel hub?
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What is the difference between a freewheel hub and a track hub?

A freewheel hub dose not make the pedals go forward when the backwheel is turning, a track hub dose.

If you have a 22 tooth sprocket what is the correct size for your freewheel?

Usually the sprocket is an inseparable part of the freewheel, and the size of the freewheel is determined by the hub.

Your freewheel hub wont turn to the free position on your 1990 Toyota hilux?

If the freewheel hub will not turn to the free position on a 1990 Toyota Hilux, it may need to be lubricated. The freewheel hub turns clockwise to free itself and counter clockwise to engage.

Will not freewheel in reverse?

Most bikes don't do that. You need one fitted with a freecoaster hub to get freewheel in reverse.

Do you need a chain whip to change to single speed?

Depends on what hub you have, and how you want to do the change. If your current hub has a multi-speed freewheel you will need a freewheel puller. If your current hub is a freehub you will need a chain whip and a lockring tool. If your current hub is an IGH, all you need to do is to unhook your shifter cable.

Will a 14 tooth freewheel replace an 18 tooth freewheel or is something different?

Ok- the question was will it fit and the answer is NO. A 18 tooth freewheel has standard threads and will fit most any freewheel threaded hub. With one exception, the standard freewheel hub can accept 16 tooth and larger freewheels.Sometimes a hub also has metric threads on the opposite side and will accommodate metric threaded freewheels which are available in sizes 13 through 15 tooth. Your 14 tooth freewheel is metric and will only fit hubs with a metric side on them. Such hubs are generally termed flip flop hubs because they can use both types of freewheels.

Can a freewheel hub be converted to a coaster brake?

Don't know I was asking you the same question

Can you get 10 tooth freewheel bmx?

possibly, if you have the kind of hub where its solid and you can put on a single piece freewheel than no. But if you have the kinde where you need the single piece freewheel and a bolt to hold it on that yes. what you do is spin the thing that holds it on off and screw your nine piece driver it.

What prevents cycle to go back when you peddle it in reverse?

A freewheel in the rear hub is designed to let the bicycle coast forward without the pedals going round and round. Because of the freewheel, pedaling backwards also disconnects the pedals from the hub.

What is the smallest number of teeth you can get on a BMX freewheel?

If you have a flip-flop BMX hub, you can put a 14T on the smaller diameter side of the hub. If you have a cassette hub, you can get as small as 11T.

Can a 9 tooth driver fit on any bmx bike hub?

No. a 9T sprocket will only fit a cassette hub, and not freewheel hubs.

What size freewheel do you need for a 23 tooth sprocket?

you don't use a freewheel for a 23 tooth sprocket you need a cassette hub heres gear ratios for yaSprocketF/W or Cassette2282382592810301133123613391441154416