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The difference is the weight. Soccer shoes are way lighter than football shoes.

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Q: What is the difference between a football shoe and a soccer shoe?
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What is the difference between a normal sports shoe and a football shoe?

the football shoe has spikes and the sports shoe doesn't

Who is the golden shoe rewarded to it is a football shoe?

the golden shoe, or golden boot is awarded to a soccer/football player who has the most goals in a tournament or season. No it is not a shoe.

Can soccer shoes be worn for football?

no you can't. Soccer shoes have spikes on theedge, and football shoes just have the spikes in the area of the shoe.......... :P

What is the Difference between football cleats and football cleats?

Football cleats could be the actual shoe itself for the sport or it could be the little spikes and pins on the bottom.

Why is there a difference between soccer cleats and baseball cleats?

The difference between soccer cleats and baseball cleats is that a baseball cleat has a cleat at the very front of the shoe, making it dangerous to other soccer players if they get kicked. Also the spacing of the cleats are different to allow for different maneuvers.

What is the difference between a running shoe and sneaker?

The main difference between a running shoe and a sneaker or walking shoe as it is also called, is the cushioning and stability. A running shoe requires more stability than a sneaker.

What schooling do you need to become a soccer player?

You do not need to go to school for football. Pele was a shoe shine boy.

What is the different between football cleat and soccer cleat?

While I am not an expert, I would image that the football cleat is specifically designed for forward and back traction, while the soccer cleat is designed for lateral movement and permits more side-to-side activity. An expert in the shoe industry could verify this.

What do a soccer shoe look like?

ABOVE: Soccer Cleat ABOVE: Soccer Shoe. Soccer Shoes normally have a flat bottom for indoor purposes.

What is the gripping sole on a soccer shoe called?

The gripping sole on a soccer shoe is called a cleat.

Weight of soccer shoe?

it madders what size the shoe is.

What us difference between a horses front shoe and a back shoe?

One is in the front and one is in the back.

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