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A fast break in Basketball is the ability of a player or team, once they have the rebound or a steal, to move swiftly down the court and score. This is generally done when, lets say Johkim Noah, gets a rebound and sees Derrick Rose open down court and no one is in front of him, he passes Rose the ball and Rose scores, that is an example of a fast break.

A slow break, on the otherhand, is the exact oposite. It is a player or team, taking their time to get the ball down court and score.

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Q: What is the difference between a fast break and a slow break in basketball?
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What does FB mean in Basketball stats?

fast break points

The break is an offensive style?

In basketball and handball, the fast break is considered an offensive strategy

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Fast break.

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We have numbers- have more guys then them oin the fast break

What is a fast break in basketball?

A fast break is when a team tries to dribble the ball to their basket as quickly as possible to try and score before the other team has time to assemble.

What do you need speed in basketball for?

fast-breaks are needed in basketball to get a fast break you need to be quick hence the word ''fast''. you also need to be quick in basketball because when your team scores you need to run back into defence before your opponent over takes you.

What is the difference between a fast-break and a slow-break offensive style?

The fast-break offensive style offers fast movement from one part of the court to another and a chance for scoring. Slow-break offensive style calls fo more thoughtful action: players maneuver carefully in order to shot in this type of offense.

Who invented the fast break in basketball?

Frank Keaney, the University of Rhode Island's first basketball coach. That is why the URI Rams' nickname is the "Running Rams"

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