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When you spike you slam the ball over the net on the other team aggressively. Similar to a slam dunk in Basketball really. And when you dig you stop the ball from touching the floor with you forearms.

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Q: What is the difference between a dig and a spike in volleyball?
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What sport would you be playing if you serve dig and spike?


What is the definition for dig in volleyball?

Passing a ball from an attack or spike

What is dig pass in volleyball?

A dig is when a defensive player passes a spike from a player on the opposing team.

3 basic hits in volleyball?

Bump(dig), Set, Spike.

What are the 4 hits in volleyball?

it's block, dig, set, and spike

Give at least 5 terminology used in volleyball?

Dig spike set block float serve

What is a digin volleyball?

A dig is playing a ball from the oposing teams spike in a way that it is playable for a second touch.

Different terminologies in volleyball?

Bump, set, spike, dink, dig, dive, serve, open handed spike,closed handed spike, underhand serve, overhand serve.

Strategies of volleyball?

If you mean like the skills used in volleyball, there are 5 main ones. Serve, set, spike, dig and block. I hope this helped. :)

List 5 volleyball vocab?

weak spike set pass dig there are more but u asked for 5

What is holding in volleyball?

An illegal move!! Definitely a nogo in volleyball A.K.A. Not a bump, set or spike, Dink, Drive, Dig or dive or any other valid move.

What are the types of offensive strategies in volleyball?

pass hit block spike set dig jump serve underhand serve

Dig in volleyball?

A dig is when you dive down onto the floor to get the volleyball.

What is the difference between dig in and dig out?

dumb kitty

How do you do a dig in netball?

There is no dig in netball. But there is a dig in Volleyball

What is the definition of the volleyball term dig?

A dig is a way of passing the volleyball back from a starting down low position - "digging" under the ball - and the ball is either passed or spiked back. It is most often used to prevent someone's spike from hitting the ground.

In volleyball are digs only give from a spike attempt?

no, you can also get a dig on a serve or dink or really anything thst doesn't go directly to u

What are the different terminologist in volleyball?

Well there are many terminologies in volleyball. Most are obvious, like serve. Others include "Bump" (also called a "Dig"), "Set", & "Spike" (also know as "Hit" or "Kill")

What is a forearm pass bump in volleyball?

it would either be called a pass or a bump or you may hear people refer to it as a dig, especially if it was a pass off of a spike.

Who can dig in volleyball?

In volleyball anyone can dig, usually those who dig are passers or severs, not setters. So if you back-row or running a 6-2 passers dig the ball

What is bump pass in volleyball?


What are some types of passes in volleyball?

Set, bump, overhead, spike, serve, pass, block, dig. Check out the related links to find out information on the different passes.

What is a pass called in volleyball?

A set or a dig

What is the importance of the dig during game play in volleyball?

The dig is one of the most important things in the terms of volleyball because without a successful dig, there can be no set and opposing attack.

What can misty may treanor do best?

Spike and dig