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Both a cyclist and bicyclist are a single person who rides or is riding a bike or bicycle which are the same thing.

it occurs to me that a cyclist does not need to be going about on two wheels as a bicyclist does by definition.

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Q: What is the difference between a cyclist and a bicyclist?
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What is someone who rides a bicycle called?

The person who is riding a bicycle is a cyclist.

What is the difference between a welled dressed bicyclist and a poorly dressed unicyclist?


If bicyclist travels 60.0 kilometers in 3.5 hours what is the cyclist average speed?

17.14286 km. hr. is the avg. speed

What rhymes with scientists?

There are no exact rhymes for "scientist", but you can use some of these near rhymes in poems:finalist, revivalist, rightist, bicyclist, cyclist, cyclist, Leifeste, nicest, Nyquist, podiatrist, priciest, scientist, stylist, typist, unkindest, wildest, zionistMeteroligist

What is the proper procedure for a motorist when a bicyclist is occupying to much space for you to share the lane?

Allow three feet of clearance when passing a cyclist. Reduce your speed if the roadway is narrow.

How can you determine the speed of a bicyclist?

If you can get the cyclist to cooperate the easiest is to stick a cyclocomputer on his bike, and see what it registers. Or a GPS can be used for the same purpose. Or you can use another vehicle, with a speedometer, to trail the bike and see how fast he's going. Failing that you can measure a distance between something like two lamp posts, and then time the cyclist as he passes between your starting line and your finishing line. Some basic math later and you'll know the speed.

List four precautions to take when sharing the road with bicyclist?

Allow a minimum of three feet of clearance when passing a cyclist and reduce your speed. On a two lane road, time your pass to not be next to the bicyclist at the same time as oncoming traffic is at the same location.After parallel parking, check for bicyclists before opening a street-side door.At night, avoid using high beam headlights when a cyclist is approaching. The cyclist could be temporarily blinded.Do not follow a cyclist closely. If you are too close and the cyclist must slow suddenly in an emergency, you could run them over. Bicyclists are entitled to move away from the right side of a lane when that lane is too narrow to safely share with a motor vehicle. Most travel lanes in Florida range from 10' to 12' wide and guidance indicates that a 14' lane is a width that allows safe sharing with most motor vehicles. Wet roads impair a bicyclist's ability to brake and maneuver. Potholes or railroad tracks often require bicyclists to change positions within their lane. When railroad tracks areskewed, the bicyclist must change directions in order to cross over the tracks at a ninety- degree angle or risk a fall.

What is a bicyclist?

A bicyclist is a person who rides a bicycle.

What is the possessive form of bicyclist?

Bicyclist's is the possessive form.

Who goes downhill faster a fat bicyclist or a skinny bicyclist?


What is the minimum required clearance a motorist must maintain form a cyclist?

You must give the cyclist 3 ft of clearance between your car and the bicycle.

How many hours does it take to ride a bike from Knox Indiana to Plymouth Indiana?

The distance is about 24 miles. A world-class cyclist might make it in a half-hour, while an average bicyclist would require about 2 hours at 12 mph.