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the difference is that the Baseball manager is the person who takes care of the team stuff and the baseball coach is the one who teaches you how to play the game and gives you the instructions

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Q: What is the difference between a baseball manager and coach?
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What is a coach in baseball?

Manager of team

What is the difference between a bus and a coach?

Its the seats that make the difference between a coach and a bus.

Is a general manager in the Major League Baseball the same as a head coach in the NBA?

No. A head coach in the NBA is the same as a manager in MLB. The general manager, in both MLB and the NBA, is the next level up from head coach/manager. The NBA general manager hires/fires the head coach and the MLB general manager hires/fires the manager.

Who was the 1998 coach for the Philadelphia Phillies?

obviously, you're not a baseball fan. in baseball, we call it a 'manager', not a 'coach'. terry francona

Who is the Phillies baseball coach?

if you mean their manager, Chalie Manuel

Who is the baseball coach for the Atlanta Braves?

the manager is bobby cox

Who did Dallas green coach?

Dallas Green was a baseball manager.

What is the difference between a coach?

..and a?

There is a General Manager and a Pitching Coach what are other jobs other than player is there on a major league baseball team?

Other positions on a baseball team that you would see on a field would be first base coach, third base coach, bullpen coach, hitting/batting coach, manager, trainer, batboy, ballboy/ballgirl, grounds crew.

How many coaches are on one baseball team?

lets see theres the Manager the pitching coach the hitting coach the bench coach the 1st base coach the 3rd base coach and the bullpen coach thats about all i can think of

How do you spell maneger?

The correct spelling is "manager" (business executive, or head baseball coach).

When did Dallas Green coach the eagles?

No. Dallas Green was a major league baseball manager.

How many coaches are in baseball?

I don't think there is a set number of coaches in baseball. Most teams have a hitting coach, pitching coach, fielding coach and intructors for important positions like catcher. There is also a "bench" coach who works on game stratagy with the manager.

What is difference between coach and mentor?

A coach is like a sports coach and a mentor is a person to help you do work

Is there a difference between a strength coach and a strength and conditioning coach?

Yes. Conditioning helps you to prepare.

Who did US Olympic baseball manager Tom Lasorda ask to be honorary coach?

Ted Williams

Can you replace thepitcher with the catcher in baseball?

I suppose you could, but it would be about the stupidest move a manager or coach could do.

What is the difference between coach's and coaches'?

The term "coach's" refers to something that belongs to a coach. Whereas the term "coaches'" means belonging to more than one coach.

What is the role of the bench coach in baseball?

Each manager uses the bench coach differently but, generally speaking, the bench coach is an assistant manager. Before the game he takes some of the simple responsibilities, such as filling out lineup cards, away from the manager so the manager can meet with the media and talk to players. During the game the bench the manager will usually talk strategy with the bench coach. The bench coach may chart where pitched balls are hit, set the defensive positioning for a particular batter, and give signs to fielders on what plays to run depending on where a ball is hit.

What person has been involved in the most winning baseball games as a player coach or manager?

Connie Mack had the most wins in baseball history. He was a manager that coached for 50 years. He finished with 3,731 career wins.

Is there a rule about the number of times a baseball manager can walk out to the mound?

In MLB, a manager/coach is allowed one visit to the mound per inning. Should the manager/coach make a second visit in an inning, the pitcher must be removed. An exception to this rule is when the manager/coach makes a visit due to an injury to the pitcher. In this case, no visit is charged. You might notice, when a manager/coach makes a 'regular' visit, the home plate umpire stays at home plate and will not approach the mound until a certain amount of time has elapsed to break up the conversation and get the game moving. When a manager/coach makes a visit for an injury, the home plate umpire will stand near the manager/coach and pitcher monitoring the conversion to ensure it is only about the injury and not about any strategy.

Who coach Oakland Athletics for 20 game strreak?

General Manager: Billy Beane. Assistant General Manager: Paul Depodesta. Manager: Art Howe. 3B Coach: Ron Washington 1B Coach: Mike Quade. Pitching Coach: Rick Peterson. Bench Coach: Ken Macha. Bullpen Coach: Brad Fischer. Hitting Coach: Thad Bosley.

Did Miller Huggins coach George Herman Ruth?

Yes, he was the Babe's manager between 1920-1929.

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What movie and television projects has Ken Macha been in?

Ken Macha has: Played Himself - Montreal Expos Bullpen Coach in "Sunday Night Baseball" in 1990. Played Himself - Milwaukee Brewers Manager in "Sunday Night Baseball" in 1990. Played Himself - California Angels Bullpen Coach in "Sunday Night Baseball" in 1990. Played Himself - California Angels Third Base Coach in "Sunday Night Baseball" in 1990. Played Himself - Oakland Athletics Manager in "Sunday Night Baseball" in 1990. Played Himself - Oakland Athletics Manager in "2006 American League Championship Series" in 2006.

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