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The vibe and SP-1 have the same internal work, the difference is the body. The SP-1 has a tactical look and a single trigger. The Vibe has a sleek look with a double trigger.

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Q: What is the difference between a Smart Parts Vibe and a Smart Parts SP-1?
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Which should you get a smart parts vibe or ion?

the smart parts ion is by far a better gun. the vibe is a waste of money. the ion is a little more expensive but you won't go wrong with it.

Is the Smart Parts Tactical Freak Front a good barrel for the vibe?

yes this is a very good barrel for the vibe.

Should you buy an upgraded smart parts vibe or azodin zenith?

If the upgrade is the black heart board, get the vibe. If the upgrade is anything else get the blitz.

What is the difference between the Smart Parts Vibe and Ion?

The Ion is considered higher end with a different bolt style, body, board, feedneck, and barrel. The Ion is also much better on air and faster. Though the aftermarket upgrades are very similar.

Does the smart parts vibe chop paint balls?

No. The low pressure bolt minimises the chance of a ball being chopped.

Does a ions barrel fit in a vibe?

yes, everything produced by smart parts after the shocker sft uses the same threads

What sort of maintenance is needed for a smart parts vibe?

The great thing about the vibe is the lack of maintenace and labor it requires. The bolt out of the back system allows you to pull out the bolt quickly. Just clean it off, and relube. This should keep the Vibe up and running.

How do you turn on eyes on your smart parts vibe?

The Smart Parts Vibe does not have "eyes" or any form of Break Beam Eye System. Eyes are similar to a deer in headlights, if the lasers do not see a paintball, it will not register in the solenoid. The Smart Parts Vibe was designed to be a low cost marker therefore eyes were not seen as a necessity. In all honesty, the marker was only designed to fire around 10 bps (balls per second) therefore one should not experience to much ball breakage. If you wanted to have eyes in the Vibe, there is an upgrade available as of 2009. The Black Heart Board/Breach upgrade, comes with an entire new breach, with slots for laser eyes (which come provided with the board). It retails for around $100.00.

Is high pressure better for a Smart Parts Vibe?

It truly depends on how high of a pressure. The vibe was built to shoot between 250-300 psi. Any lower you will have drop offs and any higher you could blow the noid. the vibe runs on 250-300 because it is regulated down, input pressures can be anywhere from 300 to about 1200psi. while the vibe is designed to work with co2 it does not to it very well. any marker that works off of CO2 will work better off of HPA

What is the difference between Smooth Away verses Smooth Away Vibe?

smooth away vibe is a vibrating version of the originals smooth away that promises to deliver a better remove the hair and do it faster;)

Can the smart parts vibe run on co2?

Smart Parts claims it does, but you have to change settings, and even then you risk CO2 bleeding into the gun and damaging it.

What is the difference in vibrations between high sounds and low sounds?

if Sex happens in low sound then vibration is les if it happens with high sound vibe is more..:)