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Nowadays there is no difference. But a ways back only Whites could play in the major league and African-Americans could play in the Negro League.

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Q: What is the difference between a Major league and a Negro league?
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What is the difference between the Negro League and The Girls of Summer?

The Negro League are men and I don't know the rest.

What was the difference of Negro Leagues from the white major-league ball clubs?

Please someone answer the question fast!!!! I searched all over the Internet and couldn't figure out the answer. :(I believe that the Negro Leagues was a league of baseball that was strictly focused on Afo-American men back at that time, because of racism and discrimination. White major league ball were just your average baseball teams. Again, I believe that this was around the same time as racism and discrimination and there was a STRICT NO NEGROES allowed policy.Segregation really kept them apart. That was main difference between Negro Leagues from the White Major League ball clubs.

What was the reasoning for the Negro League?

The Negro League was a league founded by Ruth Foster. The Negro League let black people play baseball in their own league. The Negro League was the major league for black people. Most people do not believe this but the Negro League was rougher than the major league back around the 1900s. When Ruth Foster died the Negro League shut down. A few years later Gus Greenlee took over the Negro League. He was a manager of a team. He had the team with Sachel Paige on it. If you weren't aware he was the best Negro baseball player.

Who was the first non-white major league player?

If you do not count the Negro League, the first non-white major league player was the great Jackie Robinson.

What are some innovations from negro league baseball that changed Major League Baseball?

The negro leauges brought over the idea of night games by introducing lighting syytems to staduims

Who is JL Wilkerson and what did he do for negro baseball league?

He was a Negro League manager. He also had a seat on the Negro League Board.

What is the difference between the NAACP and the National Negro Committee?

National Negro Committee is the precursor to the NAACP.

Who was the last active player in Major League Baseball to have been in the Negro Leagues?

Hank Aaron was the last Negro League player to have a regular position in the Major League. Minnie Minoso was the last to actually play in a MLB game. (Two games for the White Sox in 1980.)

How was Jakie Robinson important to the game?

He was the first black or negro to play in the major league baseball.

When was Negro Southern League created?

Negro Southern League was created in 1920.

What number did Satchel Paige wear?

It depends because Satchel Paige played on several minor and major league teams; as well as the Negro League. When he played on the Kansas City Monarch's team (one of the Negro League teams), his number was 25.

When was National Negro Business League created?

National Negro Business League was created in 1900.