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The difference between a junior and intermediate size football is that the latter is a bit longer and wider than the former. In terms of specifications, their sizes are 7 for junior and 8 for intermediate.

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Junior size footballs are basically recommended for ages 10 - 12, while youth is recommended for ages 12 - 14. There is also pee wee size for ages 9 and under, and official size for 14 and up. There is also a certain weight for each size. Youth is slightly longer and wider than the junior football. If you are going to buy a football, go to a sporting goods store like Big 5, or Dick's. Nike footballs are good. Other brands include: Wilson, Under Armour, and Franklin. (Nike footballs are personally the best looking, best grip, most durable, and sell for a great price.)

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Q: What is the difference between a Junior and an Intermediate size football and what are their specifications?
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