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NFL Jerseys and "replica" jerseys are both manufactured by REEBOK or other licensed manufacturers. NFL jerseys are usually NYLON for wear/tear purposes....while most replica's are polyester.

NFL jerseys (and college too) are most always decorated with sewn tackle twill fabric. While replica jerseys are most always screen printed. REPLICAS are a lot less expensive.

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NFL Jerseys are known as authentic jerseys or game worn jerseys. These jerseys have sewn on name and number. These are identical to the jerseys the players wear in the games.

Replica jerseys are a cheaper version. Instead of sewn on name and numbers, they are painted on. If you want something in between, you might consider an NFL Premier Jersey as it looks extremely similar to the authentic jersey, but it is considerably cheaper.

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There is a difference between an "authentic" jersey and a "game worn" one.

An "authentic" jersey is one identical to the ones the players wear in games, as stated above. These (for Baseball, at least) run between $200 and $400 depending on the player - a Felix Hernandez or Ichiro jersey is more expensive than a Hector Rondon one. If you buy an authentic jersey it's new and comes straight from the same sewing machine at Majestic that made your favorite player's uniform.

A "game worn" jersey was worn by a player in a game, and depending on a lot of things - which team, which player and the game it was worn in - these can cost thousands of dollars.

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Q: What is the difference between NFL Jersey and Replica Jersey and is the replica stitched?
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