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There are two main differences between Japanese Jujitsu and Brazilian Jujitsu.

Japanese Jujitsu uses standing locks, strikes, take downs and ground techniques.

Brazilian Jujitsu leans more toward take downs and ground techniques.

Both are effective means of defense and both can cause serious injury.

Brazilian Jujitsu as with many other Martial Arts evolved from Japanese Jujitsu.

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Q: What is the difference between Japanese jujitsu and Brazilian jujitsu?
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How many belts are there in jujitsu?

In Brazilian Jujitsu usually 5 in Japanese Jujitsu that i do we have 7 belts.

Is Japanese jujitsu better for a big heavy person than Brazilian jujitsu?

Either is good. Personally I do Japanese Jujitsu and i like it a lot more than Brazilian which i have also done. I have practiced Japanese Jujitsu with a man who was around 400 pounds and he was great at it.

Where jujitsu come from?

traditional jujitsu from japan and Brazilian jujitsu from Brazil

Is Brazilian jujitsu a part of a exercise?

Brazilian Juijitsu is a system of newaza or wrestling.

Can you strangle someone while sparring in Brazilian jujitsu?

yes, chokes are a type of "submission" and are legal in Brazilian jujitsu

What is Brazilian jujitsu?

Brazilian Jujitsu is martial art that involves powerful and intelligent strikes,effective takedowns,and renouned submission holds. Brazilian Jujitsu was founded in 1882 by Mitsuyo Maeda, but did not become popular in other until the 1990's. no... theres no such thing as Brazilian jujitsu, its a Japanese martial art and the brazilians stole it... if i stole another mans keys would the car become mine? no, it wouldn't... so why can the brazilians steal the name and call it theres?

Which came first Brazilian or Japanese Jujitsu?

First its Jujutsu not jujitsu or juijitsu, those are old and incorrect pronouciations for jujutsu. The oldest surviving school of Jujutsu is Takenoichi ryu Jujutsu founded in 1532. Brazilian Juijitsu was founded by the Gracie's and it comes from Judo. Judo was founded in 1882 by Jigoro Kano. So Japanese Jujutsu was first.

What is Brazil taekwondo?

You might be thinking of Jujitsu. Jujitsu is a Brazilian martial art, but it is not Taekwondo.

What language does jujitsu come from?

Jujitsu is a Japanese martial art. The word is Japanese and means 'The gentle art.'

Is there a American Brazilian jujitsu champion?

yes . bj penn

Who made jujitsu?

The Gracie family made Brazilian jiu jitsu

Is jujitsu a sport?

Traditional Japanese Jujutsu was taught to fight armed opponents or for self defense. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was taught for the MMA Ring or for sport.

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