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AFL is the best sport in the world apart from Soccor. Go The TIGERS

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Q: What is the difference between Australia's rugby NRL and football AFL?
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What is australias main sport?

mainly NRL (rugby League) and AFL (australian football league)

What is the difference between Football and Rugby?

In rugby you carry a ball across the line whereas football you kick it into a goal.

What is Australias nick name for rugby?

The Wallabies.

What is the difference between American football to English football?

American football is basically rugby, English football is a lot better and you play.

What is the difference between rugby and soccer?

= What is the difference between rugby and soccer? =

Which sport was out longer between football and rugby?


What is different between football and rugby?

in football the ball is a cube whereas in rugby it is a triangular prism.

Which is Australias famous sports?

The rugby Union is Australia's most famous sport.

What is the difference between rugby and football?

Rugby is a football code, so there is no difference. However, it is different from other football codes:Association football: the hands cannot be used, and goals are used instead of scoring zones.American football: the ball can be passed forward, and rules regarding the post-tackle situation are different.Gaelic football: several alterations in the goal, and methods of scoring and playing.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In Rugby game each team has 15 players, but American football has 11 players. additional point, in American football players always use pads protect themselves but Rugby players don't use this!

What is the difference between rugby and rugger?


What is the closest sport to football?

rugby is the closest sport to football becaue there is contact and they kick field goals .Mainly the only difference is rugby doesn't use pads

Why do americans call rugby football?

Rugby and American football are two completely different games. Americans refer to rugby as rugby, and American football as football.

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