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A cr dirt bike is a two stroke. A crf is a four stroke, hence the f.

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Q: What is the difference a cr dirt bike and a crf dirt bike?
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What does CRF mean on a Honda CRF 230?

the difference between the Honda CR and CRF is that the CR is a two stroke bike, while the CRF is a 4 stroke bike.... the F stand for four stroke

Is the Honda cr 80 dirt bike 2stroke or 4 stroke?

cr 80 is a two stroke. crf 80 is a four stroke.

What are the shift patterns on a cr125 dirt bike?

what are the shift patterns on a Honda cr 125 dirt bike

What is the difference between a Honda CRF and the XR?

All of honda's trail bikes used to be called XR's and their motocross bikes were CR/CRF now all of their trail bikes are CRF and their motocross bikes are CRF-R

What dirt bike is faster cr yz kx?


What is the fastest production dirt bike ever made?

Honda CR 500.

What year is the fastest dirt bike made by Honda?

the 1986 cr 500.

What is more powerful a 2002 CRF 150 OR a 2002 CR 80?

cr 80

How fast will a Honda cr 85r dirt bike go?

probly close to 60 mabey 65

What is the correct gap for the 1997 Honda cr 125 dirt bike spark plug?

It is 0.020-0.024in

How fast will a cr 450 go?

A Cr450, four stroke dirt bike, should go about 70 mph.

Is a crf 150r a 2 stroke?

No a crf is a four stroke. The F at the end means fourstroke. a cr is a two stroke.

Does a crf 150 fit in a cr 125 frame?


How fast is a Honda CR 250 2 stroke dirt bike?

It Goes About 100mph . . . Unless Your Super F A T . . .

How fast does a cr 125 dirt bike go?

Its maximum speed is 90 mph approx. it depends on different brands.

What gas do you mix in a 1984 Honda 60cc dirt bike?

if it is a cr 60 you would be fine mixing your gas to oil ratio at 32:1

What is a jug on a dirt bike Honda Cr 125?

I have always heard the Jug being referred to as the Cylinder and/or piston assembly including the cylinder.

How can you get your 1984 Honda cr 80r dirt bike to start if it wont kick over?

depends. can you push start it. need more info.

What is a Honda CR80R?

The Honda CR 80 is a motocross or "dirt bike" made for off-road driving, with an 80 cc two-stroke engine. It belongs to a line of motocross bikes called Honda CR.

What are the physics of dirt bike riding?

Main law for dirt bike racing is gravity the center of gravity holds the bike up. Plus the kind of bike you ride also depends on how you can handle it, when I bought my new 2012 CRF 250r two weeks ago, I noticed that it handled better than my 2007 Cr 125r. Probably a better frame. Anyway, another law of dirt biking is motion I went yesterday to flat track the bikes and my 125 slipped out when I took it deep and fast into a turn and..... Wham! Right into a fence, so there you have it, a few laws of physics of racing.........................................You just got info from a pro, Adam Ziolkowski # 55 Diamond Custom metals

How fast is a cr 85?

well the crf 150 will go about 55-60 and the cr 85 is faster - anywhere from 75 - 95 mph.

What is the difference between the x19s2 and the x19-cr pocket bikes?

the x19 cr has a restrictor in the carborator that lets the bike no faaster than 65mph the x19s2 does not

CR 85 Top Speed?

The Honda CR85โ€˜s top speed averages out at approximately 65-75 MPH (105-120 KPH)

Is the Honda crf 125 a 4 stroke?

yes but the honda cr 125 is a 2 stroke

How fast does a Honda dirt bike cr 250 go?

I have a cr 125 and it goes like 90kph a 250 easily goes over 110kph Depending on the pipe and stuff and engine quality. Over 100 kph definitely