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To be an elite rhythmic gymnast you must...

Eat only oatmeal and squid for breakfast

For lunch a Z-Bar preferably peanut butter flavor and a side of rice

3 pieces of gum. Chews Wisely (Did you get the pun?)

For Diner eat Little Ceasars Chicken and white rice in a dog bowl

Also drink your water upside down and drink at LEAST 2 gallons a day

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Q: What is the diet for elite rhythmic gymnasts?
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Are rhythmic gymnasts double jointed?

Typically, rhythmic gymnasts have less injuries than other kinds of gymnasts. But as in all other types of gymnastics, if an athlete doesn't stretch out enough and/or properly, it can lead to injuries.

Why are rhythmic gymnasts so skinny?

Many international rhythmic gymnasts are on very, verystrict diets. Another reason is like artistic gymnasts they train very hard from a young age which affects puberty and developement of the body. Artistic gymnasts build more solid muscle that gives them a little bit of bulk, while rhythmic gymnasts focus mostly on stretching and dance, so they don't have as much of the muscle mass that an artistic gymnast who trains for high impact skills would have or need. The ideal body for rhythmic gymnastics is slender and a little more long than for artistic gymnastics.The reason why people think rhythmic gymnasts are all skinny is because that is all we see. Tiny twig athletes usually make the best rhythmic gymnasts, but not all are.

Do elite gymnasts have pubic hair?


Do Olympic rhythmic-gymnasts have to use apparatus'?

Yes. Each year, four out of the five apparatuses (ball,rope,hoop,clubs,ribbon) are selected for rhythmic gymnasts to compete in. These are hand held apparatuses, and are all used on the floor.

Do gymnasts need strength?

no just a good diet

How much do elite gymnasts make?

They do not get paid. Gymnastics competitions are all amateur.

Who is ella yastrebova?

A 12 year old elite rhythmic gymnast.

What foods do gymnasts eat for there diet?

sandwich of course and some juice

What would be in a gymnasts diet what would they eat?

Try Jenny Craig's. Thrall work

Why are the ropes used by rhythmic gymnasts made to look like snakes?

If you mean the ribbon, they are designed as all sorts of things, not just snakes. It's mostly for show.

Who are some famous young American gymnasts?

Katelyn Ohashi and Lexie Priessman are both competing at the junior international elite level.

How do rhythmic gymnasts become so flexible?

Well, Rhythmic gymnasts are not just naturally flexible they stretch and stretch and stretch. Some rhythmic gymnasts are more flexible in their legs and to be able to to those amazing split leaps they stretch a lot! And others are way more flexible on their backs. There are also people who are just good at both leg and back flexibility. But remember rhythmic gymnasts have VERY strong core muscles which helps them balance, turn, hold their flexibility skills and jump.