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Flawed Question - A field goal is not circular. It is shaped like a big 'U' on a stick.

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Q: What is the diameter of a NFL field goal?
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How many points do you get in a field goal in the NFL?


How far in is the goal post from the goal line on a NFL football field?

ten yards

What is the length of the NFL football field goal post to goal post?

120 yards

How long is a NFL football field goal line to goal line?

100 yards.

How long is goal line to goal line on a NFL football field?

100 yards

What is the most common yardage kicked in an NFL field Goal?

40 yard avg field goal. Jim Westmoreland

What is nick folks longest field goal in the NFL?

Sebastian janikowski of the Oakland raiders attempted a 72 yard field goal. that's the longst attempt in nfl history

How many points is a 55 yard field goal worth?

An NFL field goal scores three points. The distance doesn't matter.

Who was the bartender who became a field goal kicker in the nfl?

Tim Mazzetti

What is the name of the first nfl field goal kicker?

Brett favre

Are field goal post the same size in college and NFL?


Who kicked the winning field goal in nfl's longest game?

Garo Yepremian