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Football is to get the ball and goal to the goal

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Q: What is the description of football?
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Why does the term 'Association Football' Not appear in the description of the Category 'Football - Soccer'?

It does appear in the description, ..the game is sometimes known as 'Association Football' to distinguish it from other football games like..

What role does a football coach do in premership football?

what job description do you need to be a football coach?

What is the job description for a football soccer player?

The job description would be 'Professional Footballer' everywhere in the world except the USA where they refer to the game as soccer, not football.

What is the job description for a professional football player?

Cristiano ron aldo

What is the Job description of a arena football player?

The job description of an arena football player is quite extensive. This player must be available for all practices and must be physically able to handle the demands of the sport.

What is the job description of a football player?

to play there big black butts off

Description of football career?

that you have to be good in it for the scouts to make you an offer to play with their team

What is the Description of FIFA?

FIFA stands for the Fédération Internationale de Football Association

What is the job description of a running back?

To carry the football forward in pursuit of an offensive score

Description of a soccer field?

*I think you mean football? ;D If so, a big green rectangle, i think

How did Gaelic Football get its name?

It is one of Ireland's two national sports. It is a game of the Gaels, some of the people of Ireland, and it is a football sport. Gaelic Football is a perfect description, much as other football sports and other sports that are named from the country or people that play it.

What is the job description of a Football coach?

There are various duties in the job description of a football coach as there are often several different coaches for one team. There can be a head coach, defensive coach, offensive coach, and special teams coach. The head coach organizes and directs the entire team.

What is a comentary?

spelt Commentary, it is continuous series of observations on some happening - like the verbal description of a football match

What is the job description for pro football players?

It is someone who got drafted from college and gets payed anually to play on the team.l

Has there been parachuting cows at a football game?

Yes, but the all-women display team that did so would not be impressed by that description.....

What is a football description starting with the letter E?

Evertonian (i.e. relating to Everton FC - English Premier League Club).

Football player job description?

A football player is responsible for performing their specific position, in order to help their team win the game. They may play several positions in one game to achieve that goal.

What is quantitative description?

A quantitative description is a purley numerical description. A qualitative description is a purely narrative description.

What is a description of blue whales?

a blue whale is about as long as a football feild in length and is about the height of a house. they have an eyeball that is the size of a basketball and can weigh 200 tonnes!

What is a good job description for a footballer?

A football player is a person who competes in a contact sport on all different type of levels either local or international.

What is fog description?

Fog description is description of fog.

What is a good description of the coral reefs?

it is description not description

Description of hardness in a material. Description of strength in a material. Description of fatigue in a material?

description of fatigue and how it can be controlled

What is quantitative descriptions?

A quantitative description is a purley numerical description. A qualitative description is a purely narrative description.

Description vs description?

Description is occasionally incorrectly spelled discription.