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The Grand Slam is a tennis tournament, while the ATP is an orginization. (Association of Tennis Professionals.)

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Q: What is the defrence between grand slam and ATP?
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What is the difference between a Grand Slam tennis match and the ATP?

A Grand Slam is a tournament of the ranked players and it spans across different continents. There are 4 Grand Slams in a year. The ATP is the Association of Tennis Professionals.

How many points for Grand Slam tennis champion?

If you win a grand slam you earn 2000 points in the South African Airways ATP rankings.

Who holds the record for grand slam titles currently?

Roger Federer currently holds the grand slam record. He has won 16 grand slam titles and is still very much active on the ATP World Tour

When is the next tennis grand slam tournament?

Technically the ATP season ends some time after the U.S. Open so it is the last Grand Slam Tournament played, but in the next season the Australian Open is the next Grand Slam tournament played after the US Open.

How many ATP points does one get for reaching the main draw of a grandslam?

The ATP awards 25 points for qualifying into a Grand Slam tournament. If the player wins more matches, he will be awarded additional points, up to 2,000 should he win the Slam.

Are ATP rankings effected when one loses a grand slam?

Yes. The earlier in a tournament you are knocked out, the less ranking points, and the less money you get.

Who was the women who stood first in ATP singles and has not won any grand slam?

Some of the women who have held the WTA number one ranking without obtaining a grand slam tittle are Jelena Jankovic, Dinara Sefina, and the current number one, Caroline Wozniacki.

How many ATP ranking poing does a player get for losing in a grand slam tennis final?

A player losing in the final of any of the 4 major championships will receive 1200 ranking points in the ATP rankings system.

How many points the loser of the final of wimbledon gets?

The player that makes it to the final of any grand slam but does not win earns 1200 points on the atp tour rankings.

How can you qualify for grand slams in tennis?

By getting into ATP or WTA. BTW any grand slam is under open era now so there are no needs for getting qualified you just have to register yourself, and then there will be the tournament where you will be tested against all world class players

Why is the US Open tennis tournament one of the most important tournaments?

It is the last Grand Slam of the year. It will also pull someone's ranking up so that they can make it to the year-end ATP world championships.

What is the highest ranking Andy Roddick has ever got in Tennis?

Andy Roddick's highest ranking in his career was #1. He rose to the top of the ATP Rankings at the end of the 2003 season after capturing his first and only grand slam title, the 2003 US Open